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What are the typical living costs in Anaheim for a family?

Hi everyone, I’m considering relocating my family of four (two kids under 10) to Anaheim from out of state. We’re looking to rent a decent 3-bedroom apartment or townhome in a safe area with good schools. What can we expect to pay for housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and other major expenses? Is Anaheim affordable for a middle-class family, or would the cost of living stretch our budget too thin? Any insights from current or former residents would be really helpful as we weigh the pros and cons. Thanks in advance!

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HappiestPlace @happiestplace
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The housing costs in Anaheim can be pretty steep, especially for a 3-bedroom place. You’re probably looking at around $3,300-$3,600 per month to rent a decent 3-bed apartment or townhome, and that’s just for rent alone. Utilities like electricity, water, internet will likely add another $200-$300 to your monthly expenses. Groceries for a family of four aren’t too bad if you shop smart – maybe $600-$800 per month. Transportation is where it can get pricey if you need multiple cars, plus insurance, gas, etc. I’d budget at least $500 per month for that. Healthcare is also an unavoidable major cost that could easily be $500+ per month for a family plan. Entertainment, dining out, and other extras quickly add up too. Overall, you’d likely need a household income of at least $100k to live fairly comfortably without being too stretched in Anaheim. The sunny SoCal weather is great, but the cost of living is quite high.
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OrangeCountyMom @orangecountymom
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As a long-time Anaheim resident and mom of three kids, I can share some insight into the costs. Housing will definitely be your biggest expense – expect to pay around $2,200 for a decent 1-bedroom apartment in a central area, or $3,300+ for a 3-bedroom. Utilities run me about $200 per month. Groceries for a family can get pricey; I spend around $800-$1,000 per month on food. Many basics like milk, eggs, fruits, and veggies are quite affordable here. Transportation can be minimized if you live in a central area and take advantage of public transit (I pay $69 for a monthly bus pass). Healthcare is where costs can really stack up, so I’d recommend getting a good family insurance plan through an employer if possible. As for entertainment, there are lots of free parks, outdoor concerts, and community events in Anaheim which help cut down on costs. But an occasional Disneyland or Angels game gets pricey fast! Overall, I’d say a dual-income household making over $100k can live quite comfortably in Anaheim while a single income around $70k would be more of a struggle.
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MouseTownCheapskate @mousetowncheapskate
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Don’t believe the hype – Anaheim is way overpriced for what you get. Housing is utterly unaffordable unless you want to live in a sketchy area. For a basic 3-bed apartment, you’re looking at $3,600 a month at minimum, and that’s if you can even find a halfway decent place. Utilities averagearound $250 with internet and cable. Groceries for a family will easily run you $1,000+ per month unless you want to live off ramen noodles. Then you’ve got transportation – $5 per gallon gas, $150-200+ per month for insurance, plus ridiculous registration and maintenance fees. Healthcare is a massive drain, with $800+ per month for a family plan and outrageous out-of-pocket costs. And heaven forbid you want any entertainment or luxuries beyond the bare essentials! Unless you’re making $150k as a household, Anaheim will leave you feeling perpetually stretched thin. There are much more affordable places in SoCal with a better quality of life.
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MickeyMouse007 @mickeymouse007
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Anaheim has a relatively high cost of living, but it’s still quite livable on a solid middle-class income if you budget sensibly. Here’s a rough breakdown of major costs:

Housing: $2,800-$3,400 for a nice 3-bed apartment/townhome
Utilities: $250-$300 for electricity, water, gas, internet
Groceries: $700-$900 for a family of four
Transportation: $400-$600 for car payments, gas, insurance
Healthcare: $500-$800 for decent family coverage

That puts your essential living expenses around $4,500-$6,000 per month depending on your lifestyle. On top of that you’ll have costs like cellphones, entertainment, dining out, etc. I’d recommend a household income of at least $80k-$100k to live comfortably. The proximity to beaches, Disneyland, and great SoCal weather make the higher costs easier to swallow for many. Just be prepared for sticker shock from the housing market!

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OhanaFamilyGirl @ohanafamilygirl
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Aloha! As a Hawaiian family that moved to Anaheim a few years ago, we’ve found the costs to be pretty manageable overall compared to back home. We pay around $3,200 for a nice 3-bedroom townhome in a family-friendly area. Utilities like electricity and cable/internet bundle run us $250 per month. Groceries do add up for our family of 5 – we spend $900-1000 per month stocking up on fresh produce, meat, etc. Transportation hasn’t been too pricey since we just have one car and my husband takes public transit to work ($69 bus pass). Healthcare is one of our bigger expenses at $700 per month for family medical/dental/vision coverage. We budget another $300 or so for gas, entertainment, etc. Overall we probably spend $5,500-$6,000 per month for our living expenses in Anaheim. It’s pricey for sure, but we’re holding up fine on a household income of around $110k. The perfect weather, proximity to beaches, and having Disneyland in our backyard makes it worth it for our ohana!
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SoCalMillennial @socalmillennial
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As a single millennial, I’ve found Anaheim to be relatively affordable compared to other nearby cities like Irvine or Newport. I pay $2,000 per month for a decent 1-bedroom apartment in a safe, central area. Utilities are around $100 for electricity/water/internet. Groceries run me $300-$400 per month shopping at places like Aldi and Trader Joe’s. I don’t have a car, so I just take public transit ($69 monthly pass) or ride my bike most places. Healthcare through my employer’s plan is about $150 per month. Entertainment is where I probably spend the most – $100 or so per month going out to bars, restaurants, movies, etc. In total my core living expenses are around $2,700 per month in Anaheim. I make around $65k per year which allows me to live pretty comfortably while still saving some. The cost of living is definitely higher than some other parts of the country, but the endless sunshine, proximity to beaches, hiking trails, and Disneyland make it worthwhile for me at this stage of life.
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FrugalFoodieAnaheim @frugalfoodieanaheim
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One of the biggest living costs in Anaheim is food if you like to eat out frequently or purchase a lot of pre-made items. But it’s totally possible to keep your grocery bills very reasonable if you cook at home and take advantage of local ethnic markets. I’m able to feed my family of 3 on around $500 per month by shopping at places like Northgate markets for affordable produce, Hispanic markets for great deals on meat and dry goods, and places like Aldi for pantry staples. We rarely get takeout which saves a ton.

As for other expenses, we pay $2,600 for a nice 2-bedroom apartment in a safe area. Another $200 for utilities, $100 for gas/transportation, $300 for healthcare, $100 for cellphones/internet. So our core living costs are around $3,800 per month in total. It’s higher than some other areas, but definitely doable if you’re smart with your shopping and don’t have wild expectations for housing. We make around $75k combined and are quite comfortable, though we don’t splurge much on luxuries. The plethora of awesome affordable ethnic food options makes the cost of living very manageable in my opinion.

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MagicFinder28 @magicfinder28
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The costs in Anaheim can really vary a lot depending on your specific living situation and lifestyle. As a single professional, I personally find it relatively affordable – I pay $1,900 for a nice 1-bed apartment, $150 for utilities, $300 on groceries, $200 for transportation/gas, $100 for healthcare, and probably $200 on entertainment/dining out. So around $2,800 per month for all my main expenses. I make $85k per year which allows me to live pretty comfortably while still saving a decent amount.

However, for a family the costs could be drastically higher. A 3-bedroom place will likely run $3,000+ per month, plus increased utilities, groceries, transportation, and healthcare expenses. Unless you have a household income over $100k, supporting a family in Anaheim could make you feel “house poor” pretty quickly. It’s an amazing place to live near the beaches and Disneyland if you can afford it, but many families do struggle with the high costs. Budgeting is key!

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PixiePromDreamer @pixiepromdreamer
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I’ve lived in Anaheim for over 15 years, and while the costs have definitely gone up over time, I still find it to be very livable on a reasonable income if you’re smart about your expenses. My husband and I live in a nice 2-bed condo that we purchased a few years ago. Our mortgage payment is around $2,200 per month, and other homeowner costs like HOA fees, utilities, etc. bring our monthly housing expenses to around $3,000 total.

Groceries for the two of us run about $500-600 per month shopping primarily at places like Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and ethnic markets. We have one car payment of $350, plus another $200 or so for gas and insurance. Healthcare is around $450 for our family plan. We probably spend another $300-400 on dining out, entertainment, etc. each month. All-in we’re looking at around $4,500-5,000 in total living expenses per month.

With our combined $120k household income, we’re able to enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle while still saving significantly. Yes, costs can add up quickly in Anaheim, but it’s very doable if you have decent jobs and are mindful of your spending. To me, the weather, safety, things to do, and overall SoCal vibe make any higher costs well worth it! Anaheim is such an awesome place to call home.

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PixarPrincess85 @pixarprincess85
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Having lived in several different cities across SoCal, I’ve found Anaheim to be on the higher end in terms of costs, but not drastically different from places like LA or San Diego either. Some key expenses you can expect:

Housing: $2,500-$3,500 for a decent 2-3 bedroom apartment or townhome
Utilities: $200-300 for electricity, water, internet
Groceries: $600-$1000 for a family depending on how much you cook vs eat out
Transportation: $500+ for car payments, insurance, gas
Healthcare: $700-$1000 for a family plan
Entertainment: Highly variable, but Anaheim has so many fun (and pricey) options!

In general, I’d recommend a household income of at least $90,000-$100,000 to live reasonably comfortably here without being overly house poor or paycheck to paycheck. The costs are high, but you get beautiful weather, proximity to beaches, Disneyland, great dining, and easy access to LA, SD, etc. If you can swing the costs, Anaheim has an awesome vibe and so much to do as a family. But you’ll need to budget wisely for sure!

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