Working out, in general, has wonderful effects on the mind and body. But boxing specifically has a few different jabs and twists that make it specifically useful when dealing with anxiety.

Whether it’s because you are releasing endorphins or being able to focus your energy and thoughts towards one thing, boxing has a way of training your mind while keeping it calm.

Let’s talk about the five major ways boxing can help your anxiety.


Endorphin Creation

While you’ve probably heard the term “runners high” before, you probably haven’t heard “boxers high.” Ok, we made it up.

But what we aren’t making up is the same feeling runners get when you exercise. Every time you throw a punch, your brain produces more endorphins.

These are the chemicals that make us feel good and boost our moods. In other words, this is what releases more happy thoughts in our heads.

Having a Presence Being Present

Often our anxiety is triggered by the past and the future. Boxing is such a skilled sport that there is really no other place to be other than the present.

It’s quick and if you aren’t paying attention you could get knocked out depending on the type of classes you are taking.

This improves focus and can translate into other areas of your life when you find yourself in another world.

It also just gives you a break for a second from whatever anxiety-inducing thoughts you may be having outside class.

Being present is often referred to as the flow state which means you are in the zone.

Relieves Frustration

Boxing specifically allows for a special kind of alleviation when it comes to stress. While other forms of exercise can offer some of the above, boxing has a spiritual release.

When you are physically punching an object, angst, anger, frustration, or any other emotion that may be otherwise building up inside of you can be let out.

Sometimes talking through things isn’t what we need. We can feel the tension in our hands, toes, and our clenched jaws.

Physically battling it out in class or the ring gives us a special way to release energy in a healthy and safe environment. A good boxing workout can help you relax and release your frustrations!

Confidence Builder

Boxing can kill two birds with one stone when it comes to confidence building. That’s because naturally, we will become more confident in our bodies because of the toning and strength benefit that comes with boxing. Naturally, our bodies will start to take on muscle and if we look good, it certainly contributes to feeling good.

Having said that, there’s nothing more self-assuring than being able to defend yourself. The physical defense skills you learn and pick up as a boxer can translate into your life.

When you can physically defend yourself mentally you feel like you can stand up for yourself as well.

These two key confidence builders can be great when dealing with anxiety. Having the confidence to take things on inside and outside the ring is a major win.

Pure Enjoyment

Simply said, sports are fun. And even if sports aren’t your fun being social and doing something that has nothing but great benefits is sure to put you in a good mood.

It’s easy to build a community of motivating friends that are there for the same reasons you are.

Often there are different classes that can offer different styles of boxing. If you are more competitive then they will have a class for you.

If you are more of someone who likes to groove to the music and just have a good time, there’s sure to be a class for you too.

Or mix it up, because just like our moods can change, so can our classes.

Take Advantage!

Boxing offers some of the basic benefits that our forms of exercise will offer you.

But there are also some truly unique aspects of boxing that can really go after your anxiety and help you find more enjoyment by staying in the moment and building strength not only in your body but also in your mind.

Don’t wait to get kicking! Release that energy and feel the weight come off your shoulders.

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