We’ve all either had to create an elevator pitch, or listen to someone else’s.

The idea behind an elevator pitch is that it’s supposed to be concise enough that it can be delivered in the time it takes to ride an elevator.

However, it also needs to be captivating enough, in that short amount of time, to win over the person it’s intended for. The elevator pitch is popular in all sorts of formats and contexts.

From winning an interview in the first 90 seconds or so, to nailing an audition, or even just getting the interest of an investor, the elevator pitch has become a very important business tool.

However, many brands and organizations don’t realize that there is actually literal advertising and marketing space available in and around just about every elevator there is.

Making use of these marketing opportunities is the truest form of an elevator pitch that there really is. Elevators often get a lot of foot traffic, making them an excellent space for marketing and advertising.

Following are a few of the reasons that your brand may want to start considering the integration of elevator marketing into its overall marketing strategy.


A Unique and Creative Platform

Elevator advertising offers brands a unique and creative platform in which they can place their marketing materials. Additionally, there are a variety of formats that elevator advertisements can take.

For example, organizations can choose to place a traditional piece of static content in, on, or just outside of the elevator.

Besides traditional static-pieces, though, many modern elevators are equipped with digital display screens. Even on these screens, a company can opt for a static image.

However, many brands take this opportunity to create engaging and creative advertisements that are animated.

Animated elevator advertisements can leave a more lasting impression on consumers and even spark conversation among elevator riders.

The Variety of Target Audiences Available

The nice thing about utilizing elevator advertising is the fact that there are so many different types of consumers who are using an elevator on a regular basis.

Office buildings, for instance, offer elevator advertisements exposure to a population of affluent professionals.

Even within that demographic of working professionals, though, there is still a myriad of consumer sub-segments that exist.

Elevators in shopping-centers, on the other hand, offer advertisers and marketing professionals exposure to a completely different series of target audiences and consumer sub-segments.

Understanding the daily routines of the various target audiences your brand aims at specifically will help the marketing team choose elevators that offer strategic positioning for their marketing materials.

By focusing on getting elevator advertisements in the elevators your target audience most often frequent, your elevator marketing campaigns will be much more successful.  

Creating a Memorable Moment

When designing an elevator advertising campaign, it’s important to keep the context of the ride in mind.

Using an office-building elevator as an example again, these elevators make a perfect place for marketing professionals to be clever, creative, and even comical if they can manage it.

A little uplifting, clever, and half-humorous advertisement can be just the little spark of joy that an office worker needs to put a smile on their face and break up the monotony of their day.

After all, there’s a reason that funny commercials are both memorable and effective.  

Advertising Across Natural Commutes

One of the advantages of elevator advertising is that it doesn’t feel like a forced interaction.

Because the people are going to use that elevator no matter what, placing marketing in, on, or around that elevator isn’t intrusive to the regular daily routine of the people using it.

By integrating marketing materials into the normal everyday path of a target audience, a brand can really establish its presence, increase awareness, and boost consumer conversion rates.

Creating Conversation

Sometimes we end up taking an elevator with someone we know but aren’t necessarily friends with.

In these instances, it can feel a little awkward to just ride together in silence, and a bit of small talk is very likely to surface.

In these instances, a comical or clever animated elevator advertisement can be the perfect icebreaker and give otherwise awkward elevator riders something to focus on and talk about.

Final Thoughts on the Value of Elevator Advertising

Elevator advertising offers brands and organizations a unique, creative, and engaging platform through which they can connect with a diverse pool of consumers across a myriad of target audiences.

By adding an elevator advertisement campaign to your overall marketing strategy, you can increase impressions, expand brand awareness, and boost consumer conversions.

There are plenty of ways to create effective and impactful elevator advertisements that speak to consumers.

Putting these ads in the right elevators that your target audience frequents might just be the marketing strategy that brings your brand to the next level.

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