Who knew that there would be so many mattresses out there? Though it is a good thing that we have so many choices. It does not take out that shopping for the right mattress is now harder for most buyers.  

So let me walk you through some basic information, tips, and tricks to make your mattress-hunting easy, fast and fun.


Buying Online Vs. In-store

It can be a pretty confusing task to buy a new mattress since it has been a while since you bought one.

Before, people bought mattresses by walking in furniture shops, department stores, or mattress specialty stores. Nowadays, many do it online.

What’s good about an in-store purchase is that you can try out different mattresses displayed right there and then. Although you may not be able to test them all, still, you will be able to compare them immediately.

Online buying, on the other hand, is the most convenient way to shop for a mattress. By visiting their websites or shopping sites, all the needed information will be available.

In addition, you save on money, time, and effort as you do shopping with ease: no exhausting shop hopping, traffic, and extra transportation expenses. Searching for the best bed is not easy, but finding it makes everything worthwhile.  

Types of Mattresses

As we said earlier, having a wide array of mattresses with tags like plush or deluxe can make the “search” an intimidating one. To help you, here are some of the basic types of mattresses that you should look for when buying a mattress.


The innerspring mattress is one of the most common mattresses in the market. It is most likely that your parents have slept in it, and maybe you still have one in your home—with the bounciness due to the steel coils in them.

Another reason why it is widespread is that it is cheaper compared to the other types of mattresses. In addition, an innerspring mattress does not trap much heat, so it is suitable for hot sleepers.

Since the coils inside the mattress bring good support, it is best for stomach and back sleepers. It also comes in different coil systems – the Bonnel, the Pocketed, and the Continuous. Understandably, the coils may become noisy over the years. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam, is mattresses that conform and contour to the shape of your body. If you are looking for softness and comfort, this mattress is for you.

There are many Memory Foam mattresses online because it is famous for its certified lumbar support for people with back pain. If you enjoy a slow sink in relaxation, this mattress will deliver satisfaction.

Ideal for side sleepers and people who have joint problems, Memory foam will ease the pain from your pressure points. Typically, side sleepers put more pressure and weight on their shoulders, hips, and neck. Another good quality of this type is that it is mol, mildew, and bacteria-resistant.

Since many are liking the convenience of bed-in-a-box, Memory Foam has become very popular lately. In addition, it is convenient to transport or ship, especially for people who moved to another home.

Latex Foam

Latex Foam with this type of mattress can quickly move around because of its responsiveness and good support. In addition, compared to Memory foam, Latex Foam is more breathable.

Since LatexFoam came from synthetic rubber materials, it is very eco-friendly and good for the environment. And because it is hypoallergenic,  it is excellent for people with specific allergies. Though this mattress will cost you more, it will be a very cost-effective purchase as it is also very durable and will last for a long time.


A Hybrid mattress is a combination of springs in the support area and multiple layers of latex foam, memory foam, or polyfoam on top. That is why it has the features of bounciness and softness, thus giving a balance of support and comfort to the sleeper.

Many combination sleepers match Hybrid mattresses because even if they sleep on their stomach, back or side, they will still feel the comfort and support due to the bed’s mixed materials. A Hybrid mattress is also on the heavy side, making it difficult to transport and move around. Compared to other mattresses, a Hybrid is commonly more expensive.

Other Types of Mattresses

If you are looking for other types of bed then you can also check out the Organic Bed, Air Bed, Water Bed, Bed-in-a-Box, Bunk Beds, Futon, and RV.

Mattress Sizes

Another obvious consideration before you go on mattress shopping is what the size of your mattress will be. Of course, this will depend on who will sleep in the bed but sometimes, it is just what mattress size you prefer.

Ask About Trial, Warranty, and Return Policy

When you buy online, you must remember to ask about the mattress’s Trial, Warranty, and Return Policy. There is a need to be embarrassed. That is part of your purchase.

Check how many days you are allowed for trial, a month or maybe a year? Many companies are generous with these, but to make sure, you have to know. So, go on and ask them.


After getting all the essential information, all you have to do now is choose what you want, and sure enough, this will lead you to your perfect mattress. Now all you have to do is make the purchase!

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