The perfect nightstand means something a little bit different to everyone. This is simply because your space and lifestyle are unique to you, so what you want out of your nightstand will be, too.

There are so many options available, however, that it can be overwhelming to figure out exactly which one is the best value for your bedroom. Fortunately, a few simple considerations can help you narrow it down.

Factoring in the size of your bedroom, the features you need, a style that matches your bed, and your budget will help you eliminate all but the best options for you.

As with most furniture shopping, it’s smart to begin with size. Measure your available space carefully. Don’t forget to measure height, too. You don’t want your nightstand to block a window.

You should also think about whether or not you want your nightstand to rise above the level of your mattress, since this can be a potential hazard if you roll over in the night and bump into a corner.

Think about moving your bed slightly or even rearranging your bedroom furniture to accommodate a nightstand. This won’t always be necessary, but it’s worth considering whether a different arrangement might provide you better access and even create a better flow within the whole bedroom.

Next, think through the features that you want on your nightstand. After all, you’re making this purchase for a reason. A nightstand offers a whole range of benefits.

More than just a convenient place for a lamp, it can serve as additional storage space, particularly if you have a small closet.

If you aren’t sure what all your options are as far as features, browsing online is a good way to determine if there might be features you were unaware of, but which would make your bedtime routine easier.

You can even consider the variations between nightstands with drawers, which include different drawer depths and numbers of drawers.

Style goes hand-in-hand with features. You obviously don’t want your nightstand to clash with your bedroom design and the furniture already there, such as your dresser and bed.

Of course, it can be tricky to match color and wood stains exactly. Instead, consider opting for a white paint. Lighter colors are particularly effective for smaller rooms, where it’s easy for dark corners to make the space feel more cramped.

Finally, think about your budget. While nightstands are not, on the whole, expensive, it’s still worth getting the best value you can for the features you want.

If you find a nightstand under your budget, you might even consider purchasing two, one for either side of the bed.

A set like this helps keep your bedroom feeling balanced and, since they match, will help the nightstands keep a sense of cohesion throughout the room.

Keeping these four simple components in mind will keep your search for the perfect nightstand on track. Before you know it, you’ll be rolling over to tuck your glasses away and switch out the light.

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