Defining style

Fashion styles and trends are often influenced by factors such as current societal norms, political views or the culture of the time. But what does it actually mean to be ‘stylish’?

And can you only be recognized as such if you follow the latest trends as seen on catwalks or on the high street?

Fashion styles for clothing have been a big part of history, especially over the past 100 years. But we also see trends for accessories, hair, make-up, and jewelry. So, to be classed as ‘stylish’, should we be taking these into consideration too?

Women’s tops retailer, Damartex, surveyed 2,000 Brits to see what they thought made someone ‘stylish’. We’ll explore some of the results and find out whether following the newest trends or having the right ‘look’ is important when it comes to style. We also have some top tips for creating an up-to-date look, whatever your fashion favourites.

The Key to Being Stylish

One key finding from the survey was that only 2% of us think that sticking to trends is what constitutes style. And with 20% believing that having a timeless look created style, it’s clear it’s not all about the latest runway designs.

What’s perhaps most striking here, is that a third believe that being confident and feeling comfortable is what makes someone appear stylish.

So, you can make your buys with 6th street coupon code UAE but it’s not all about the actual clothing you choose to wear, it’s how you wear it and whether you feel good in it.

Does Age Matter?

Another surprising factor is age. 20% believe we are most stylish between the ages of 35-40, a far cry from the expected 20-something we often see on the front of fashion magazines and in advertisements.

This could suggest that those in their mid to late thirties have simply discovered what makes them feel good and how to dress confidently.

When asked about celebrities over the age of 40, 11% thought Helena Bonham Carter, known for her quirkiness and often eccentric characters, had the most style.

As someone who embraces her personality and uniqueness through her fashion choices, this again proves that looking good is about more than trends.

Wear With Confidence

One aspect that’s clear with this survey, is that confidence means style. Choosing to wear the latest designer trend might make you believe you’re keeping up with the catwalk, but if you don’t feel it reflects your personality or it makes you uncomfortable, it won’t come across as stylish.

Wear what makes you feel amazing and your confidence will spill over too. Buy that bright, bold shirt or those chunky platforms if that’s you. But don’t be afraid to tone it down if you’re more classic than contemporary too.

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