So, you’ve chosen to take your shop online – that’s wonderful! But which platform should you prefer from the various alternatives accessible?

Magento is 1 of the top options, and here’s why: in the nowadays united environment – if you’re not online, possibilities are great that your market will persist undiscovered.

Unlike a regular shop, an online shop gives you high clarity to a wide spectrum of consumers. Online you may trade locally, nationally, and, why not, internationally.

Once you’ve made it this far, you’re faced with a dilemma: What platform should you practice? Let’s take a peek at several of these options.


Hosting Solutions

Online shops produced by firms like Shopify are an excellent resolution if you don’t have coding abilities or simply don’t need to work from within.

Such platforms operate non-standard with minimum structure and give user-friendly interfaces to assist you to receive your goods online immediately.

They begin with freed or prepaid graphic theme options to fit your optical choices, they propose several repayment options available to your consumers, and they present you with web hosting.

Such services, depending on how sophisticated you would like to become, begin at about nine dollars a month to 3 hundred dollars a month.

The disadvantages (different than the price you will have despite whether you prefer hosting or other solvents) are that they:

  • Narrow your capability to tune the website side,
  • Regularly have a transaction fee or %age.

An Exclusive Platform

While this solution proposes a platform completely tailored to your requirements, with no other massive costs and no restrictions, this option tends to be:

  • Expensive,
  • Costly,
  • Painstaking.

If you were to create such a platform, it would take you 2-3 months to get it working and bug-free.

If you hire magento programmer to do it for you, it will cost you 3 thousand dollars or more, depending on what you prefer and what you lack.

Platforms With Open Source

If you prefer to forgo the costly repeated fees and have a completely customizable and reliable platform, you’re in a win because there are several options to get you up and operating quickly.

The head platforms applied by numerous online retailers around the globe are Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop, and osCommerce.

If there is a question of WooCommerce to Magento Migration, you can migrate woocommerce to Magento 2 in a few hours without technical expertise required.

Here are some of the points and purposes why Magento is 1 of our greatest resolutions:

A Strong Platform.

Because Magento proposes an industry variant of their software, most if not all of the points finish up in their Community Edition, giving you an enterprise-level platform that is constantly updated with protection and ready-made enhancements.

Managing Numerous Stocks and Catalogs

1 of the significant points of Magento is the fact that it may smoothly operate numerous shops from the equal server, presenting it simple to trade goods in numerous stocks, but synchronizing list, handling bills, delivering, and pay information under the same “tent”.

Done Functionality

From the moment Magento is installed, you have the capability to select famous delivery arrangements as UPS, FedEx, or USPS and pay ways like PayPal,, Payment by Cash on Delivery, or Credit Card.

Expandable – Big Market

In addition to non-standard points, you have entrance to a marketplace of freed and prepaid modules that can extend Magento’s functionality to fit your requirements, such as various delivering arrangements, pay, billing, or purchasing plugins to boost your goods and content in an extra energetic manner.

Look and Feel.

The basic Magento stuff is rather pleasant, but you have many choices for performing desktop and mobile effects and the capability to transform the scheme depending on the page, kind of goods, period, or celebration.


All of this functionality begins with a cost: it requires a lot of exchequers.

Its strong and composite construction needs extra devices than other platforms.

While it can operate very well with a shared web hosting account, once you begin populating your directory and attracting more guests, you’re likely to get a more passive reply from the site.

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