No job is without challenges. Everyone runs into obstacles, no matter what they do, including investor relations officers (IROs).

As an IRO, you’re dealing with a rapidly changing capital landscape at the same time technology is transforming the way you fulfill your role in the fight for the capital.

In the midst of such volatility, your biggest challenge is just how much information you handle every day.

Between your IR website and capital markets events, you can feel buried by how much data you have to go through to understand your investors and your impact.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry — the right investor portal software and advice can help you dig yourself out of this data overload and ensure smooth sailing for your team.

Keep scrolling to learn how you can overcome two common challenges and clinch success for your investor relations strategy.


Challenge #1: Investor Data Has Exploded

Now that most of your capital engagements unfold online, IROs have never worked with so much data.

Your brand’s constantly collecting information across several platforms, inundating your team with KPIs from website sessions, webcasts, email performance, publications and press releases, stock performance, capital markets virtual events and conferences, and much, much more.

Phew — it can be overwhelming knowing you’ve got to go through that much data. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds, focusing on the wrong information and overlooking important indicators.

Challenge #2: Siloed Ir Tools Don’t Do the Job

Some of the biggest names behind the top IR tools focus on making individual programs that focus on specific streams of your investor relations strategy.

They’re good at what they do. Unfortunately, they focus on the micro when a good IRO knows they need to balance that with the macro.

While a partial view of your interactions is better than nothing, each data point only gives you a truncated view of your investors. You’re blind to the big picture.

To get the best performance overview, you need to crunch your entire data set together.

Solution: Consolidate Your Data Under One IR Program

A unified or full-suite IR program helps you collect and analyze data from all your capital markets engagements so that you can extract greater insights about your investors.

More importantly, all-in-one tech consolidates your data, transforming your IR tech into a one-stop shop for your team.

From one program, you’ll be able to analyze your impact across all digital engagements without needing to refer to other apps, documents, or offline paperwork.

You can review visitor behavior to understand your impact and how it relates to stock ownership and price.

These kinds of insights will help your team in a variety of ways:

  • Measure the impact of your content across earnings calls, IR website, and other digital engagements
  • Identify new or targeted investors who are showing interest in your brand
  • Spot red flags in online behavior to recognize and react to activism faster

Bottom Line:

You’ve entered a new era of investor relations; it’s time you upgrade your IR tech to make sure you can leverage investor intelligence in your favor.

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