Video is being the trending content in the marketers list. According to recent surveys the conversion and the engagement ratio is much higher than of the picture post or the other traditional writeups.

Hence now you must have seen many video ads pop up rather than the simple text.

Since these videos fetch a lot of attention and conversion, it is important to focus on creating the one with quality.

Almost every digital marketing agency hires professional video editors for these tasks.  But some of us try our hands on experimenting with things on our own.

Thanks to these videos making and editing apps things have become a lot smoother and easier even for the one who does not understand the professional video editing.

We understand that due to the budget or some other issues you wish to do these tasks on your own and do not want to outsource the same.

These videos are generally used in the ads to promote the services. Since you have already created and edited your brand video with any of these apps the next step is to promote it.

Creating effective video ads is as important as creating the video content.

People will watch your video but they need some booster to take action on it. Here we are sharing a few tips which you can use to create more effective video ads. Let’s start!


Personalized Ads

While creating paid ad campaigns for Facebook or Instagram you get the option to choose your audience to whom you will be showing the ads.

Now you would need to understand who your target audience is.

If your service or product is US Hispanic targeted, then create the video accordingly and also mention specifically about the Hispanic community.

This would help to drive the relevant traffic 0n your video ads and more conversions.

Use strong call to action in the Caption

Would you like to see the ad with a description of 200 words? No right! This applies to your customers as well.

No one would like to spend that much time just to read about your service. They need everything quick. Hence the golden rule is to keep it short and to the point.

Use a strong call-to-action statement about the service or product that you are promoting which will encourage your users to take some action on your ad like form filling, sending a message, or visiting the website.

You do not want your customers to simply leave after watching the video ad. You have posted it with the intention of lead generation.

So, make sure to use the right call to action and make the maximum from your ad.

Focus on Start to create the interest

What is the use of a video which people simply skip and do not wish to watch further?

If you are able to capture your customers attention right from the start then it is quite easy to keep them engaged during the whole video.

Hence it is important to focus on creating interesting and eye-catching content at the start of your video.

Try to use more visuals as most of the users see these ads on phones which are generally on mute.

Video Length

Do you think anyone will watch the video ad of 10 minutes? You will not even call it an ad.

You want to deliver your message as quickly as possible since people do not wish to spend more time watching the ads.

Hence you need to grab their attention in a short time. Try to keep the length of your video up to 30 seconds.

As we discussed above regarding the call-to-action service, try to make a great combination of a shorter video and a catchy call to action to get maximum hits on your ads.

Choose the right platform

Now let’s jump back to the start. We started with creating video content. We mentioned that with the help of video making and editing apps you can create great videos by yourself.

But it is also important to choose the right one which can deliver great output. In-play store or app store you would see many video-making apps.

Apps like wave video have been creating a buzz nowadays. You can easily make and edit videos with these apps. If you do not have the pictures or graphics you can use their stock library for the same.

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