Are you buying a mattress to replace what you bought ten years ago, or you’re buying one for your new house?

Either way, it is essential to buy a mattress that you think will match your needs considering your personal preference, sleeping position, and even your body type.

To save you from the hassles of mattress hunting, here’s a quick guide in buying the right mattress. We’ll go through the seven most common types of mattresses and other factors to keep in mind while making the best choice for your needs.


Choose the Best Mattress

The key to a good night’s sleep or a morning get-up is having the perfect and best rated mattress. The type of mattress you buy will affect your sleep quality, productivity level, and how much energy you have during the day.

In order to maintain good health, getting adequate sleep is just as paramount as engaging in regular physical activities and adhering to a nutritious diet.

One factor that contributes to your sleep is by ensuring that you’re sleeping on a mattress that is well-suited to your sleeping position and as well as your body type.

Thus, choosing the best type of mattress is essential not only for the aesthetics of your room but also for your overall well-being.

Mattress Types

When buying a mattress, you have a wide range of options to choose from. From the shape of the bed, the materials used for the mattress to the size of your comfort, there are undoubtedly many things that you need to consider.

1. Memory Foam Mattress

Most people who sleep on their sides choose a memory foam mattress, also called viscoelastic foam. This is because it slowly molds your body whenever you sleep.

In addition, it is a type of foam with low resilience and deep muscle relief, which is made of polyurethane. Thus, when you press on memory foam, it will gradually restore the shape of the cushion.

2. Innerspring Mattress

Among the first mattresses made, innerspring remained a long-standing favorite. With their steel coil core and plush top comfy layer, these mattresses are a popular choice for many people who want a night of quality sleep.

The mattress’s shape is determined and designed by the springs. In most cases, the innerspring is protected from the elements by a layer of upholstery, cushioning, or materials that are natural such as latex foam or fiber.

3. Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are constructed with two primary components: an extensive foam comfort system and an innerspring structural core.

This is frequently the most excellent option for individuals and partners who desire the structure of spring bedding with the option of softness.

Moreover, the construction of these mattresses provides a combination of bounce and conformation with minimal heat absorption, making them a suitable solution for sleepers in almost any position.

4. Latex Mattress

Unlike memory foam, latex can be utilized in natural mattresses because it is produced from a particular tree, rubber.

On the other hand, this mattress type is more costly than a memory foam mattress and is more resistant, so you can anticipate it to be springy but with less sinking-in feeling.

5. Waterbed Mattress

Waterbed mattresses have been around for an extended period, but their popularity surged in the 1980s. Moreover, vinyl mattresses are commonly used in this type of mattress.

In some instances, waterbeds are made either of softwood or purely wood, while in other cases, they are made out of foam.

6. Pillowtop Mattress

Those side sleepers who neither choose gel nor memory foam mattresses may resort to choosing this type of mattress. Pillow tops mattresses are like extra cushions that you put on top of your mattress.

As a result, it becomes cushiony and soft, enabling your shoulders and hips to subside into the mattress while keeping your back in a good position.

7. Adjustable Air Mattress

Despite their rarity, some adjustable mattresses feature internal air chambers, which let you alter the hardness of the mattress.

Moreover, these adjustable air mattresses are equipped with an air pump that can be used to expand or decrease the air.

Final Thoughts

Each mattress has several advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to ascertain your requirements and your set of choices available.

While making a purchase, keep in mind some of the essential considerations, which include: your comfort, your budget, the convenience of usage, as well as the durability of the materials.

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