Best Clearscope Alternatives – Using content optimization tools can help you in producing a good piece of content that ranks well in the search engines. A simple search on the internet will get you a list of hundreds of SEO tools that can be used in the content creation process.

Although not each of them is a good writing assistant so you must rely on the right tools like Clearscope. If you want to know more about the search intent keywords and how to produce highquality content, then you can consider using it.

Although it is a very good tool, the pricing is pretty expensive as its basic plans starts from $170 per month.

In this post, you can get to know about some of the best content optimization tools that can be used while making the content strategy. If you don’t want to spend huge money on content tools, then you can consider using the services we have mentioned here.

Almost each of them offers the same or more features than Clearscope and some of them offer a free trial too. We have tested this SEO software ourselves and then added to this list so you can get the best ones only.

So, don’t wait more and start doing a content audit so your content can rank better in the search engines and looks pleasing to the visitors as well.


What Is Clearscope and Why Do People Use It?

Clearscope is an AI writing tool that helps you in optimizing your content. With its powerful technology and analysis process, a person can easily understand what changes are required in the content for better rankings.

If you are someone who doesn’t know much about On-Page SEO or content optimization, then you should definitely take the help of these types of tools. Clearscope can be used with Google Docs and as a WordPress plugin too, so you don’t have to open its dedicated content editor and start using it on the go.

While it is a good tool, there are many other optimization services available that offer more features than Clearscope.

Best Clearscope Alternatives and Competitors Worth Trying Out

  • Strell
  • Surfer SEO
  • MarketMuse
  • PageOptimizer Pro
  • WriterZen

#1. – Cheap and Best Clearscope Alternative

Strell is currently one of the best writing assistant tools according to us. You can use this platform to make your content hero from zero in no time. The user interface of this website is kept clean so anyone can use it without any issues.

This tool can create content briefs based on the user’s input and provides different elements like word count, content score, keyword suggestions, and many more so you can start creating the optimized article from scratch.

Its AI content grader shows the score in real-time and that can be used to see how much SEO-friendly your content is and what other changes you need to achieve the maximum score.

Right now, offers Content Audit and Content Brief tools and both of them feature very different aspects. Below we have shared a quick overview of these tools and you can read them to understand the working of Strell completely.

While this tool is paid, it does offer a free trial to the new users and that can be used to get 7 credits on the portal. The paid plans start from $14.99 per month and go up to $119.99 per month.

If you want then you can also add other people to create a group of team members to share generated reports and to work together on a group project.

Audit: If you are looking for tools to optimize your existing content, then you can use this tool. When you enter the target keyword, article URL, and the target country, Strell analyzes the top ranking pages with your article to provide better insights.

How to use Audit | Beginner’s Tutorial |

It also acts like a keyword research tool because you get new keyword ideas that are missing from the content. If you are into content marketing then you can take advantage of this tool to deliver highly optimized content to your clients. So, don’t wait and give this tool a try to create better content inventory without any effort.

Content Brief: This tool can be used for SEO content writing assistance. You don’t have to do research manually when you have Strell’s Content Brief tool. Just enter the target keyword, the country you want to target, keyword language, and the device you want to gather the data from (desktop/mobile).

How to use Content Brief | Beginner’s Tutorial |

In just a couple of seconds, you will get detailed generated reports of the keyword. You can see the average word count of the top 10 ranking articles and keywords you can include in your content along with their placements. Its built-in text editor section allows you to write content and check its grade in real-time.

#2. Surfer SEO: Clearscope Alternative

Surfer SEO is currently one of the most popular and the best content optimization tool. It is built by more than 50 industry leaders, so you can trust it when it comes to technical SEO. Just like every other SEO tool, it offers content monitoring, brief, audit, and optimization services. While the tool is paid but you can use its browser extensions to get a list of suggested keywords free of cost.

The database of Surfer SEO is updated daily and it helps you in content writing by providing insightful tips that you can follow for better results. More than a million users are using Surfer SEO daily to optimize their content.

It is definitely one of the best alternatives to Clearscope that you can use right now. When you input a target keyword in the given field, it builds a content outline so you can get more ideas. Moreover, it has got different feature set that is proven to increase your organic search traffic.

Although it does not offer a free trial but you do get a 7-day money-back guarantee so don’t worry and go ahead with Surfer SEO if you are serious about the optimization. For agencies, it offers a special business plan where you can get their API for bulk optimization of your websites for SEO writing.

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#3. MarketMuse

MarketMuse might not be popular like other tools mentioned on this page but it has got pretty good features, to be honest. By using this service, you will be able to do content planning in the best possible way. It uses AI-powered optimized process that evaluates different aspects to generate reports.

You can take advantage of the text editor tool to check the SEO-friendliness of your content and make changes in real-time to optimize your content to rank higher in the search engines. Its free account grants 15 queries per month while the next starter plan starts from $7200 per year which is pretty high.

There are many SEO features available in MarketMuse that are helpful in generating the desired reports. It does everything automatically so you don’t have to spend time in manual research. Not only it can generate keyword reports but can also tell you the potential ROI on the given topic.

If you run affiliate-based websites, then you can take advantage of this feature to see the purchasing power of a particular topic. By doing competitor analysis, content writers can generate in-depth articles that rank well in theGoogle search and elsewhere. Don’t forget the fact that MarketMuse also fetches LSI keywords for your articles.

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#4. PageOptimizer Pro – Best Clearscope Alternative

Page Optimizer Pro is not just another content assistant tool but it comes with a lot of OnPage SEO toolset. When you enter your domain name and main keyword in the given fields, it conducts more than 400 tests using AI to generate an in-depth report.

You can manually choose the competitors you want to target and the data will be changed accordingly. It can be done automatically too by using the Express mode and the tool will decide the relevant competitors themselves.

This tool doesn’t offer a free plan but you can get a 7day free trial to test its services which is quite a good deal.

The basic plan starts at $22 per month and goes up to $44 per month with unlimited usage for a single user. If you are an agency then you can buy PageOptimizer Pro Agency Plans to share the same account with multiple members and the costs for this range from $87 per month for Standard plan to $109 per month for Ultimate.

It also offers a Google Chrome extension that can be used right on the blog posts to generate reports for that particular page. Page Optimizer Pro is definitely a good tool for small businesses and content teams as it makes the writing process easier. In just a single click, you can generate content outlines including necessary details like the title, meta description, and more.

#5. WriterZen

WriterZen is one of the most underrated SEO software and you can try it if you are looking for some good Clearscope alternatives. Not only you can use it to optimize content but it also helps in discovering relevant terms for the given keyword including their search volume.

There are 4 different types of tools available in it, Topic Discovery, Keyword Explorer, Content Creator, and Plagiarism Checker. You can take advantage of all these 4 tools to get a better SE ranking without manual efforts. It uses AI and gathers various data points from the top competitors to provide you with an easy-to-understand report.

There is no free plan or trial available for this tool but the pricing isn’t much either. If you can spend about $27 a month, then you can opt for the basic plan while there are many other plans available too. The keyword research feature is the best according to us because it not only tells you the volume and CPC of the searched keyword but also tells you the keyword difficulty.

WriterZen help you create unique content for the chosen topic and makes the writing process simpler for everyone. If you are looking for free SEO tools, then this is not for you but it is definitely better than Clearscope in terms of key features.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best marketing software and if you are in the digital marketing field, then you must not miss using these. From rank tracking to a content assistant, almost everything is available in these services. There are many similar tools available out there but we have included only the most popular and helpful ones in this post.

We are looking for more content optimizer and writing tool which can be a good alternative to the ones we have mentioned here. If you have used any free SEO tools or know about a good content optimization checker, then do let us know about it too so we can include them to this post and other readers can use them.

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