Churches across the Oregon represent a rich tapestry of faith, each with its unique traditions and community. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of denomination1} churches throughout the state, shedding light on their history, architecture, and vibrant congregations. Let’s take a tour of the diverse spiritual landscapes of Oregon.

Westside Holiness House Church

Denomination: Holiness


Address: 1825 NW 143rd Ave. C35

Call Now: 971-275-6376



We Start IN Attitude Of Prayer, and wait on the Holy Ghost to make plain the moment and word. I speak and record the word for the group and Youtube page.
– I preach for an hour and we sing classic hymns from books or on screens. we discuss thoughts from the word or other things the group has on their heart. we eat dinner and hear music or we watch various things to edify the believers faith.
– We fellowship and talk more in more relaxed state and
– end in prayer and all in natural comfortable , but reverant style.
– Drive folk home and call it a night in The House God.
– Robby

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