Churches across the Virginia represent a rich tapestry of faith, each with its unique traditions and community. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of denomination1} churches throughout the state, shedding light on their history, architecture, and vibrant congregations. Let’s take a tour of the diverse spiritual landscapes of Virginia.

Mantle of Elijah Christian Preparatory Academy

Denomination: Christian Schools

Address: 1121 Arlington Boulevard

Call Now: 703-248-9150



At MOECA Prep, your child will grow and develop in a safe, nurturing, fun, academically progressive environment designed to help them reach their full scholastic, spiritual and social potential. All students are given one-on-one attention to ensure their future success. All MOECA Prep students are taught the love of God and the love of and respect for others as they develop the skills necessary for a successful transition to kindergarten and a lifetime of learning.

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