Churches across the Pennsylvania represent a rich tapestry of faith, each with its unique traditions and community. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of denomination1} churches throughout the state, shedding light on their history, architecture, and vibrant congregations. Let’s take a tour of the diverse spiritual landscapes of Pennsylvania.

Rev. Emmanuel T. Fayiah

Denomination: Christian Reformed Church

Address: C/O Rev. Emmanuel Fayiah 6522 Kingsessing Avenue

Call Now: 267-658-4731



As the first founding member of these Churches, we began opening our door interdenominationally. It’s a cross-culture ministry that embraces members from all works of life. I am a writer of four Christian books to be used in bible institutions and seminaries as well. I can be reached at 267-658-4731 as am planning to go home to Africa after eighteen years in the US. Join me let’s go and do God’s work in Africa. I know my peoples language, join me. God Bless, Amen!

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