Cycling can be a hobby or passion for some of you.

You can cycle without any specific clothing but athletes or someone who looks at cycling as a serious passion always wish to get everything that goes perfect with it.

You would have seen many people wearing the proper clothing and carrying the required accessories with them while going out for cycling.

It is not necessary that only professionals can do that.

Many sports and cycling enthusiasts have also started taking care of their overall personality as well and the right clothing is an important part of it.

Now you must be wondering why it is important to wear the right clothing during cycling. There are few brands which make clothes, especially for cycling.

There are many factors due to which people prefer specific cycling apparel to regular ones.

The very first factor is the proper fit.

While cycling you would have to bend your body in many ways and while doing that you would also need to make sure that any of the body parts do not get exposed.

Generally, you would have noticed that when you wear regular clothes and start cycling then while bending forward your lower back gets exposed most of the time.

With proper cycling clothes, you won’t be able to face such issues as those are made according to the cycling pattern.

Another important factor that people consider while buying the cycling cloth is the sweat handling capacity.

If you wear any cotton t-shirt and experience sweating then it gets absorbed by the cloth and your body can get colder.

Cycling clothes are made with specific fabric where the sweat gets evaporated and the water moves away from the skin.

So now you are planning to buy cycling clothes but confused about how to go about it. Here is the mini-guide which would help you to make the best purchase for yourself.


1. Choosing Right Jersey

Jersey is a t-shirt which is made of synthetic material for the sports or cycling activity. Generally, it comes with a high neck that protects you from the sun with a zip in front of it.

It comes in various lengths and some of them also consist of pockets which you can use to put your stuff.

You can choose between the short and long sleeves. You can also pick the sleeveless one for summer.

2. Getting the Perfect Set of Gloves

The second important part of cycling clothing is gloves. Since you would be riding for a good time you would need to protect your hands as well.

Hence cycling gloves are designed in such a way so that you can experience comfortable cycling all the time.

Generally, these gloves are padded ones and come with the Velcro strip to hold them around your waist.

You would also get some other varieties with advanced features as well such as gel padding, stretchy back, etc.

3. Wear Those Perfect Tights

Cycling tights are generally designed to cover your legs to the ankles and made of thick material. You can get it either with a pad or without a pad.

Another variant that you can get for tights is the three-quarter one which is halfway between shorts and full-length tights.

Here the length gets extended up to mid-calf and these are generally made up of light Lycra material.

Hence you can use it in warmer weather as well. These three-quarter tights are highly popular with women.

For legwear, you can also choose the cycling trouser or jeans which are made of stretchy fabric.

4. Choose the Base Layers

The base layer is the layer of clothing that you wear in between your skin and the jersey. The basic purpose of wearing the base layer is to keep sweat away from your skin.

You can choose the light base layer if you are planning for cycling during summers while you can choose the thicker base layer for winters.

Some of the base layers are made of windproof fabric which would help you to keep yourself warm even in cold. Hence it would be the best pick for winters.

5. Get a Jacket

You can choose jackets for winters to keep you warm.

Here you would get thermal jackets with three variants as one which provides insulation, softshell which provides insulation as well as water resistance ability and a fully waterproof hard-shell variant.

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