Have you always wondered what it would be like to use a safety razor but were too unsure about how to choose one or even if using one would be right for you? Well, wonder no more with this handy guide to all things safety razor-related!


What Is a Safety Razor?

A safety razor is a razor that has a bar and two perpendicular safety guards on the front of the razor head. King Camp Gillette invented it in 1901 to reduce costs from manufacturing razors, but it also reduces irritation and cuts from shaving.

There are various styles and designs that have been created since then, but the mechanics are still pretty much the same. The defining features of a safety razor typically include, but is not limited to:

  • a two-piece head
  • a non-articulating cutting head
  • a handle held to the head with a screw

Safety razors tend to use a double edge razor blade that needs to be replaced about once every 2-3 shaves, depending on the type of hair you are shaving or the frequency of use.

Is It Difficult to Use One? Can I Cut Myself?

You can cut yourself when using any razor – safety or otherwise. The difference between a safety razor and a disposable or cartridge razor is that safety razors give you more control over the shave and making it easier to avoid nicks and cuts.

The learning curve for using a safety razor can be a bit steep, but as with anything new, there’s a learning process involved.

However, there are resources out there, including instructional videos, articles, and tutorials, as well as discussion groups and communities where you can ask for help or share your own experiences about the benefits of using a safety razor.

What Is the Benefit of Owning One?

A safety razor will last a lifetime (and then some), which means you won’t be spending any money on replacement cartridges over the long term.

It will also provide a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly shaving solution since double edge razor blades are more affordable than disposable razors and won’t create waste since there is nothing to toss into the trashcan.

It’s not just about saving money or doing your part to protect the environment either. It’s also about getting an improved shaving experience over what you would get from a cartridge or disposable razors.

For example, the superior cutting head of a safety razor provides better coverage and allows the blade to cut closer, which reduces irritation for most people.

Where Can You Shave With a Safety Razor, and Who Is Best Suited to Use One?

A safety razor is suitable for just about any man or woman who wants to get rid of the hair on their face or body since it’s not limited to use on a beard like cartridge razors.

If you want the best shaving experience possible but aren’t interested in spending money on replacement cartridges, a safety razor will be your best bet.

For those with thicker or tougher facial hair, a double edge safety razor used with a pre shave cream followed by a suitable  shaving cream (or soap) is recommended to get the best results and avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.

Do They Come in Different Shapes or Sizes?

There are actually a variety of different types of safety razors, including:

Double edge safety razors. The classic version is a two-piece head with the handle attached to the top part of the head and a release button on the bottom to separate them, making it easier to attach or remove a blade from the razor.

Another popular double edge safety razor type is twist-to-open (TTO) razors, where the blade is inserted into the razor head by twisting the handle and then locking it into place.

Three-piece safety razor. A three-piece head has a handle that unscrews from the base of the head, allowing even more access for changing blades or cleaning out your razor.

Open Comb Safety Razors. An open comb razor has a guard with small teeth that helps reduce the risk of nicking yourself when shaving and is suited to people who have thicker or tougher beards.

Slant Bar Safety Razors. A slanted bar is used instead of a safety bar in these models, making them better suited for men who shave against the grain or have ingrown hairs since it helps keep the blade tighter against the skin.

Safety Razor attachments. Various blades and razor replacement parts are available to buy, including alternative attachments to your safety razor handle, making them even more versatile for any shaving need.

These attachments make safety razors perfect for sensitive areas on men or women that want a close shave without the risk of nicking or cutting themselves.

So What Is the Best Safety Razor for Anyone to Use?

While there are many types of safety razor designs and styles, the best one for anyone to use is the Merkur 23C. Merkur has been manufacturing safety razors for over a hundred years, and the Merkur 23C model is the best of their line for:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Beginners
  • People with sensitive skin
  • Coarse facial hair
  • People who need to shave their head
  • Anyone with any type of hair on their face or body

The Merkur 23C provides a classic shaving experience featuring a two-piece head design, so it’s easy to clean/assemble compared with some other types of safety razors.

It’s a chrome double edge safety razor that uses regular double edge blades. It has a nice heft and balance with a long knurled 4-inch handle perfect for men and women who need a safety razor with a comfortable non-slip grip.

Get the Close Shave You Need No Matter Who You Are!

While there are many shaving products on the market today, the truth is that not all of them match the performance and quality of the products made in the past.

Why? Modern advancements in technology usually mean more expensive razors, accessories, and replacement cartridges for men and women – but there is a growing market for shaving supplies made with our planet’s environment in mind without sacrificing the results we expect when we shave.

That is why the Merkur 23C is the best safety razor for anyone to use. It is environmentally friendly, well crafted, and incredibly affordable.

Check out an online shaving store to purchase one of these timeless and long-lasting safety razors today!

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