The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the global market makes their communication and conductivity a critical topic to think about.

IoT devices take advantage of a number of communication protocols that come with different capabilities, communication ranges, power, memory, and data rates.

Each of these protocols also offers unique advantages and presents the drawback of which you should be aware.

While some of these communication protocols are useful for small home appliances, others come in handy for huge smart city projects. Here is a list of the most common IoT communication protocols.


Bluetooth Low Energy

This is an enhanced version of Bluetooth, which is one of the oldest and most popular wireless technologies for communication within a short-range. It works within approximately 10 m.

Bluetooth has been optimized for lower power consumption, and the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol has been designed to do that, all the while maintaining the communication range.

That’s why Bluetooth is the leading protocol used by IoT devices today. Major operating systems such as iOS or Android uses it as well.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is a simple protocol that makes communication between devices easier. It takes advantage of electromagnetic induction between the loop antennas located within each device near the field.

It is especially implemented in smartphones to allow customers to complete contactless payment transactions.

However, it also allows users to access digital content and connect electronic devices. The technology enables IoT devices to share information at a distance of approximately less than 4 cm.


This lightweight protocol is an excellent pick for IoT device management. It was created by engineers at Open Mobile Alliance and gaining in popularity ever since.

The LwM2M (lightweight M2M) is a protocol that works especially well for remote device management. It reduces power and data consumption to address the key demands of the current IoT market.

Moreover, it supports the standardization of how device management and telemetry are completed by devices.

We hope that this short guide to different IoT protocol helps you understand how IoT devices work and communicate with one another.

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