The quality of bed sheets count tremendously to the amount of comfort and, ultimately, the kind of sleep you have. The scope for the design of children’s bed sheets is limitless, and the only limit being your imagination.

The design does not matter as much as the material the bed sheets are made of.

It is said that children need much more sleep than fully-functioning adults, and that is good for their development; hence here are the five best materials for bed sheets for children.


1. Percale Sheets

Percale offers the most lightweight, airy, and fresh feeling out of all the bedsheet materials.  

If your children are having trouble sleeping due to the stuffiness and thickness of their bedsheets, and you want to get the best possible option to give them a lightweight bedsheet experience, this is the perfect candidate for you.

These sheets are usually very crisp and fresh, a perfect way to make sure your kids get to sleep on time!

An example to illustrate how nice the texture of percale can be is that percale is used to make men’s dress shirts.

The structure of percale is also known as a “plain weave.”

2. Flannel

At the opposite end of percale, we have flannel. It is not lightweight and airy like percale. The most important and key attribute of flannel is the warmth and heat it provides.

This is the perfect bed sheet material for your children if you live in an area with extremely harsh winters.

Children often don’t have the body fat content that most adults have to keep them warm. Children need extra support and warmth in their bedding during harsh winters, and this is the best possible option.

Not only is this the best possible option for winters, but flannel bed sheets are usually cheap and inexpensive, which makes them perfect to stock up during winter!

3. Muslin Fabric

Whether you go for this option or any of the other 4, it should be known that amazing services such as Home Detail can help you make the best decisions and choose the best available products from their available, wide range.

Muslin fabrics are for babies or very small children; they are lightweight and very breathable, necessary to manage a baby’s temperature and health.

When they are at a very young age, their absolute comfort must be the parents’ priority.

4. Linen

This is one of the most tried and tested bed sheet materials, not only for children specifically but people of all ages.

The amazing thing about linen is that it gets more comfortable the more you sleep on it, and it is extremely strong and long-lasting, making it perfect for children, who can cause damage sometimes!

5. Polyester

Polyester is another amazing option as it stain resistant, and as we know, children can make quite a mess, so this works out well. It is also very durable, resilient, and long-lasting, and it is inexpensive is one of its many advantages.


Whatever option you choose, children’s comfort should be any parent’s or guardian’s responsibility. Hopefully, this list gave you a perspective on your best possible options, according to your children’s preferences.

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