The right kind of grooming products, the right tools, and the right to-dos for keeping your hair and beard pristinely dapper— these are what you’ll need for a look that’s worthy of much praise.


Billy Jealousy for hair, beard and tattoos has shared another 5 expert tips for getting grooming right. Every. Single. Day. Or at least, whenever you feel like pampering your mane.


The 5 Basics Of Men’s Grooming

1. Cleanse Your Hair

Applicable to both your locks and beard. There’s nothing like going back to the basics of keeping your hair clean.

Experts say that shampooing your main-mane (get it?) every 2 to 3 days is enough to keep them healthy, without removing the natural oils from your scalp completely.

Your beard is a different case. Though many prescribe the twice-a-day beard-cleanse routine, other beard-care professionals say that once a day is enough and before you catch Zs at night.

This is so when it comes to applying beard cleansers on your face. This isn’t counting how your facial hair gets soaked when you shower.

2. Moisturize More Than You Shampoo or Cleanse

Condition your hair when you bathe, even if you’re on those 2 to 3 non-shampoo days.

On the other hand, if washing your facial hair is good once a day, moisturizing your beard should be done twice more than that.

There are products that have balms and/or butter, and these provide an ample “hold” without necessarily tangling your strands.

No more messy beards pointing in all sorts of directions. The same ingredients, and other similar ones, also create that lush and silky texture and appearance.

Easier combing and beard management can be achieved with a good beard moisturizer.

3. Brushing. That’s All for This Number

Train and tame your locks as well as your beard by brushing them. Be sure to purchase different hairbrushes— one for your tresses and another for your facial hair.

As for the latter, try to stay away from regular combs. Go for specialized ones meant for beard-brushing.

Make it a habit to comb through them a few times a day, or whenever you have the luxury of time.

After showering, before heading out for work, while stuck in traffic, during your loo-break, the list goes on as you so wish for true beard care.

4. Pomade Or Leave-In Conditioners For Hair, Oils For Beards

Hair-shaping products such as leave-in conditioners are excellent if you’re not a fan of coiffes yet would like that extra shine.

But if your hair is quite the explosion, perhaps because of thickness or style (i.e. curly, wavy, etc.), then pomades and/or gels will do the trick.

As for facial hair, beard oils will be your beard’s best bud. They don’t work like hair gels. They don’t give out that unshakable, immovable level of a hold.

However, they’re enough to keep strands from popping up here and there.

Just make sure to follow the instructions on how to apply beard oils. You wouldn’t want your facial hair to appear too shiny, too soggy, or too weighty.

5. Trimming

Hair trimming should be left to pro barbers unless you’re not too concerned about your locks and are okay with snipping away at them at your behest.

If that’s the case, then DIY-it, by all means. But you want to master beard-trimming on your own, remember these steps:

First, have a quality trimmer. A regular pair of scissors will be disastrous. Second, start snipping away by the millimeter, and only at the strays.

As you follow the shape of your face, trim it according to the length you desire. Again, by the millimeter, and at a slow and steady pace.

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