If there is one thing that the zoomers, more commonly known as ‘Gen Z,’ have established in the fashion world, everyone owns their fashion sense.

Fashion means something different to everybody, and everyone gets a different thrill when they experiment with different trends.

Gen Z is notoriously known for breaking away from the norm, from the tradition, and keeping their unique self, their individuality intact, right in the center.

And that reflects in their fashion as well. Take examples of some popular known Gen-Z icons like Billie Eilish or Jaden Smith, who are irrevocably themselves in front of the entire world.

So without further ado, let us dive into the fashion world and its trends around the Gen Z.


Top 10 Fashion Trends

1. Comfort Over Anything Else

Gen Z has mastered carefully balancing the right amount of comfort and still making it somewhat fashionable.

Especially after the work-from-home setting and the pandemic, the choice is obvious for people if they want to choose fashion or comfort. Comfort beats everything, and if it can become fashionable, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Some fashion looks that scream comfort can be outfits consisting of leggings, bike shorts, oversized jumpers, track pants, and so much more.

2. Make It Colorful

Colors make everything beautiful. Another thing that Gen Z loves is trying new things, new colors. If they like the color, they will try their best to incorporate that same color into their wardrobe in some or the other way.

So think of an outfit like bright pink trousers and a bright orange cardigan? Or a vibrant blue and green combination? The possibilities are endless when it comes to color!

3. Fluidity

Going fluid and gender-neutral with clothing is another positive thing Gen Z has brought up in the fashion world since they have a better and more fluid approach to gender compared to the older generations.

4. Punk Academia

Punk academia is an aesthetic that is relatively one of the newer trends that people from the millennial generation or fashion enthusiasts from that generation could have never imagined.

However, once celebrities wore this aesthetic, Gen Z took no time to make it a hit, and from then on, the rest is history.

Consider an outfit like tartan miniskirts to oversized mohair sweaters for this punk academia aesthetic.

Do some of these names sound unfamiliar to you? Are you interested in diving into Gen Z fashion? An easy way to get into it is by doing some fashion courses New Zealand. So, let’s dive into a few more trends!

5. Corsets

Gen Z is nothing if not experimenting with their fashion styles. So it is no wonder that some people bought back or revived the handmade corsets back into trend.

From whimsical, fairly core styles to sultry Hollywood glam, corsets are so versatile they can be paired with anything.

6. Gorpcore

More commonly including cargo pants and hiking boots with sturdy laces, this outdoor-inspired garb is perfect for those who want to look fashionable yet chic and comfortable at the same time. 

Many mainstream brands are cashing on this latest fashion trend because of the ever-popular Gen Z.

7. Fur

Fur, fur everywhere! But no, this time, it is merely a furry trim that has come back into fashion all because of Gen Z. There is nothing that screams luxurious villain more than a furry rim.

It is extra, it is out there, and it is charming. However the versatility of furry trimmed jackets is that even though they may seem ‘extra,’ they can easily become just as playful or elegant. All the qualities that attracted gen Z towards it were natural, how furry trims came back into trend.

8. Layering

Specifically, layering sweaters is a creative and ingenious fashion trend that gen Z has adopted into their fashion statement because of how versatile it can be.

Pop a few colors, or throw some texture, yet all come together with the correct form of layering. It is an effortless yet chic fashion that gen Z loves the most.

9. Basics

Basics, or more like elevated basics, is another fashion trend that has attracted many gen Z themselves this season.

Basics are not bound to the ever-changing fashion world, and for those who lack the time and money – two things which are lacking by many if not all Gen Z at this moment – investing in Basics is the way to go.

10. Ancient

Throwing it back to a particular era, like the 90s or the 80s, is another trend that has taken the fashion world by storm.

So, many eras in history appeal to gen Z at this point, and with no hesitation, Gen Z is ready to adopt anything they deem fit into their lifestyle, and this wardrobe change was no different.

Ending Note

So now that we have a few fashion trends in mind surrounding the Gen Z or zoomers – yes, that is also the word! – it is established that fashion is fluid.

It does not belong to one person or one community, and anyone and everyone can rock fashion in whatever way they deem fit. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that whatever you wear, wear it with confidence.

Confidence is the key to slaying any outfit. 

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