Perhaps nothing embarrasses a host more than having guests see a pest inside their home. Whether it’s a fuzzy mouse or even the tiniest little cockroach, it brings to mind an icky feeling and a loss of control. People may wonder: if there’s one pest, how many others are nearby?

It’s commonly thought that only dirty homes have pests inside, but this isn’t true. Pests can get into any home in a variety of ways. They can hide inside shipping packages or even get into little cracks or seams in your home. They’re drawn to food and water, which everybody has in their home.

Let’s check out how the best pest control experts keep your home pest-free because doing everything possible to keep them out is vital.


Pest Sprays That Work

Industry leaders like GreenLeaf Pest Control make their own custom blends using their specialized knowledge. If you call them to your home, it’s the only way to access their sprays, as they’re not available for sale at your local hardware store or convenience store.

If you drop into one of these stores looking for a commercial pest spray, you’ll spend time and money on a half-solution that doesn’t get the job all the way done. Sure, you’ll spray the areas where you’ve seen pests or leave traps, and kill a few.

However, you won’t uproot the infestation. You’re only giving the pests more time to reproduce. Don’t play whack-a-mole: get chemicals that work and have the job done properly the first time by calling on professional pest control.

Safe Chemicals

It’s essential to know that the chemicals that kill pests won’t pose harm to pets or the environment. The best professional pest control experts create their own signature sprays, but Health Canada approves all the ingredients.

You don’t need to fear they’ll fix one problem only to potentially create another downstream. There shouldn’t be any risk or possibility for something to go wrong.

Proactive Protection

If you call the world’s best pest control expert after spotting a mouse, rat, or roach in your home, by that time, it’s already too late. There’s nothing anybody can do to prevent a pest that has already breached the gates from getting in!

That’s why leaders in the sector offer Home Protection Plans using expertise and best practices to keep all manner of pests as far away as possible. The specific approach they adopt may change according to the pest they’re addressing, but it will look something like this.

First, they’ll come to your home and inspect for pests and any pest attractants. After removing anything that might draw pests in and killing any they find, they’ll issue a preventative treatment. They’ll return multiple times to ensure it works.

There shouldn’t be any pests around after uprooting the infestation and issuing the preventative treatment, but if somehow there are, they’ll kill them free of charge.

The best pest control experts in the industry have some techniques you may not have thought of. For example, some pests use nearby wires and even tree branches as highways to get around, and they may use them to get to your roof. Trimming branches and eliminating the places where pests like to congregate, like stagnant pools of water, construction materials, or piles of firewood, can be an excellent way to keep pests at bay.

When these experts are in your home or on your property, they may notice things you don’t because they deeply understand what pests like and how to recognize their presence if they’re already there.

Friendly and Professional

Finally, it’s important for the pest control expert you hire to be friendly in your home and professional throughout the job. Everything matters, from showing up on time to getting the job all the way finished.

It’s natural for people to feel uneasy or anxious when they have pests in their homes. The last thing you need is for these feelings to be worsened by a rude or unprofessional stranger in your home tasked with trying to solve the problem.

Look for a smaller, family-owned business that has operated in your area for years. They usually have personal relationships with the technicians they dispatch to your home, and there should be enough online reviews to get a sense of who they are.

Don’t be one of those people who think they’re immune to having pests in their homes. They can strike anywhere, even the cleanest and most beautiful homes! You want to have a fun, enjoyable summer. Keep the above tips in mind and call a professional pest control expert to do all you can to keep the pests away.

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