Are you looking for an easy-go-to online solution to download videos from all kinds of video sharing platforms then you are at the right place where we are going to list out the best alternatives to DetURL.

DetURL offers a web-based easy approach to download YouTube videos. Users can even use the online downloader to access any videos from top video sharing channels.

Users don’t have to use any lines of code or programming modules to download videos. It comes with an in-built online downloader that enables users to enjoy online videos. What’s more, is you can even use the video downloader to extract the URL of the video you need.

The DetURl works on two techniques, to be precise. The first one works on the video connection given by the users while the other one is a trap-based framework to download videos.

Here are the listed DetURL alternatives…


Top DetURL Alternatives


Pickvideo is no exception. It allows users to access videos and even save them to their personal devices. Users can search for any videos online and choose any site to download their videos. It covers all the major video websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and a few more.

It comes packed with a lot of features for its users and uses it on their mac, Linux, Windows, and even Android and Ios. You can watch videos anytime and anywhere you like. All you need is to save the link on your system for future use.

Users need to embed the video link to access it for their personal and professional needs. It is free to use and a fully secured platform in use.

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TubeDigger is a simple yet potent video downloader tool for its unlimited clients. It lets you download unlimited videos from any video sharing and video spilling platforms. Be it YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, or any other such video platform out there.

In fact, it is an all-in-one tool that allows users to download and record online videos, access live streams, and cams in HD quality. It comes with in-built software to convert your selected videos in both audio and video formats. Above all, it is pretty easy to use—just enter or drag and drop the video link to access your video file.

What’s more, is you can even download videos from external browsers as well. It provides a download accelerator and auto-refresh option for recordings for both free and paid users.

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Clip Converter Io

Clip Converter is another free tool that helps you convert and download any video files available on the web. Users can download just about as many videos they want and access them from anywhere across the world. Don’t worry as it supports all leading video platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others too.

Just enter the video name in the search bar and you are all set to download it. It will display similar results in seconds for you to choose your option. Users can even upload and convert videos from their personal computers.

Not just that, it comes with a recommended system that displays videos based on your personal interests. It covers all sorts of audio and video formats and playlist downloads for everyone.

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SaveMedia is a free video downloading and converter tool used to access any videos from video-sharing and video-spilling sites. The platform is an ideal pick for those who want to download videos without any use of a download administrator and quickening agent.

It offers the best simple approach to get videos from video sharable sites. You can download your favorite videos from the most loved sites of your choice. And guess what? You don’t need to use any download supervisors or downloaders to access videos. SaveMedia allows users to access motion pictures from any video-sharing sites available online.

It comes with an MP3 framework too. And it’s super easy. Just embed the connection to download your file in audio or video format. It has various other capacities as well to play. If you want to find them, check them out online.

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Y2Mate is another web platform dedicated to YouTube video downloads. Plus, it also helps in audio and video conversions. Y2Mate is free to use and finds affinity among android users. Besides, you can also use the platform to access videos from other sources as well.

Y2Mate is a high-speed video converter that does not need any prior registration or installation. Just enter the video URL to access your chosen videos. You can even search for videos on the website itself. All you need is to edit the video URL to download your YouTube video.

The website earns through ad networks and you may see pop-up ads. But, it’s completely safe to use. To access an audio file, go for the MP3 and Mp4 file formats as per your choice. You just need to add “pp” before the “.com”. It is even available for android users.

Get the Y2Mate chrome extension to make the best use of it.

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YouTubNow Downloader

YouTubeNow Downloader offers a free web service to download videos from YouTube primarily. This platform saves users from extra work and doesn’t need any extra software downloads to access videos. It comes with a high-speed download option with unlimited downloads at no extra cost.

The platform allows users to access YouTube videos in all available formats. You can even use any browser to access videos from this platform. Enter the YouTube video URL and place it on the website download bar. The tool will download the file for its users.

YouTubeNow Downloader requires no payments at all and is a completely ad-free platform. Plus, it gives users an advanced search facility to find top videos from YouTube without any plugin or extensions.

Users don’t need any registrations whatsoever to download any video.

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As the name goes, VideoGrabber is an online platform to snatch videos from just about any video-sharing scenes. It is a great option for clients who want to access videos without using download projects and programming.

Although both VideoGrabber and VideoGrabby have similar names, the first one has a lot to offer. You can use VideoGrabber for video editing, converting, and screen recording as well.

With VideoGrabber, users can download and convert videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, YouTube, and other channels as well. And what you need for that? Just the video link. That’s it.

VideoGrabber supports all major file formats in use today. Be it FLV, MP4, 3GP, WEBM, WMV, or any other formats. You can even download HD-quality videos.

You can use the video converter on mobile devices and tablets. But you have to choose a video that’s already stored on your device. It offers an online editor called Beecut, After you launch the editor, you will be taken to the Beecut platform instantly.

VideoGrabber features a desktop editing app for offline video editing as well. Named “Video Grabber Pro,” it is a paid tool, but you can try it for free.

The clients just need to share the video connection on the search bar to download it. The tool will do the rest of the work for you and provide you the video record within seconds. They have video snatching resources for all other users as well.

Pick your options from YouTube video Downloader for Mac, Android Video Downloader, and Facebook video Downloader too. They also have video downloaders for, Dailymotion, and Vube Downloader.

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Share-Tube comes with a multi-functional online downloader and converter for its user base. It finds videos and sorts them from the major video portals like YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

The key aspect here is, you can alter your searched videos before downloading your chosen videos. It even lets users change the video configuration as well to suit any other media players as well.

As of now, it supports AAC, MP4, and MP3 for its users. The best part of the platform is, it comes with an online converter framework to let users extract sounds from any video of their choice.

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CatchVideo is one of the best multi-utility tools that we have for online video downloads. It comes with an online downloader program that can track and download videos from anywhere on the web. You can even snatch noise from any videos you like. That’s why it is popularly called the video to sound converter.

It even gives an alternative to download your videos in the format range of 360P to 4K. You can access any quality prints for your video provided it is present on the website of your video source. You can even grab its latest framework to change over your video as well. It creates a transformational arrangement of videos to pick the ones you want for yourself.

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YouTube To Facebook

Guess what! YouTube to Facebook platform helps users to convert YouTube videos and share them as Facebook thumbnails. It has a simple interface with a box to place your YouTube link. Choose the convert option and get ready to use it on your Facebook page and anywhere you want.

You can even share the video link directly on Facebook to let your friends and family take a glimpse of it. Well, this is an effective way to increase user views and make people aware of Facebook. It is a free platform to use for users of any sort. The platform empowers users to enhance their Facebook page views and make catchy thumbnails in minutes.

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YooDownload downloads and converts videos for their clients. It offers one of the easiest ways to download videos from major online video sharing channels like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and others. It is free to use and you don’t need to pay any expense whatsoever.

Users can convert and download videos in 3 simple steps. Plus, it is a fast website that makes it a great alternative to VideoGrabby. First, copy the video link, paste it on the YooDownload search bar, and then hit the download button.

The platform supports all major video formats including 3gp, WebM, and MP4. Plus, it supports quality prints like 144p, 180p, 360p, and 720p as well. Just select the last option to access the MP3 option for your video file.

IT even allows users to edit the audio tags as well. You can edit just about anything like playlist name, year, genre, and even cover art too. It also allows you to trim and restructure any video. For sure, not all video links are going to work.

The tool is free to use and does not demand any such registration at all. The platform generates revenue via ads. So users can at least support them by not using any ad blockers on their browser.

The best part is, it works without any outside modules or Java support. It is just limited to YouTube videos. Besides, it offers some sister websites for video conversion and downloads from other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Keepvid comes on the top of our list on the VideoGrabby alternatives. You have all the freedom to download videos anywhere on the web, make sure they are legal. Be it TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, Dailymotion, or even Instagram. The tool supports video download from other channels as well. In fact, it supports at least 100 other platforms across the web.

The video download tool offers multifunctional features and proves to be a handy option for online users. It gives a quick download option for video downloads and supports Mp4 and WebM formats. Plus, it also works well with the other video qualities uploaded by the users.

The best part is, it allows users to download even from the leading online networking platforms. It does not limit clients to download videos in one print. You can download video copies in any number of conceivable copies.

The framework is quite easy. You need to enter the video source and it will run down all the available prints available online. You can then choose your option and download it real quick.

Keepvid video downloader comes with a free web-run application for their users. It works fine with chrome browsers and mobile devices too. All you need is to bookmark the app to use it as an extension.

Bookmark your video and get ready to access your downloaded video file right away.

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VideoGrabby is the ideal platform to download online videos without using and downloading the director. Now, let’s look at what it is and how it’s going to help us download videos.

VideoGrabby offers a user-friendly online interface for its users. It comes with a ready-to-download option to download any video from YouTube and major video sharing platforms. All you need to do is to share the video link to download it in minutes.

VideoGrabby works for all kinds of web programs. That means VideoGrabby works with any kind of platform when it comes to downloading videos online. It also comes with an MP3 framework to get audio files too.

It depends on your choice whether you want to download the video or an audio file for your selected video. The tool comes with all kinds of capacities to help online users.

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DownVids is an extremely cool video downloading platform. It allows you to download unlimited videos on YouTube, Facebook, and all other major video-sharing platforms. You can just download videos in any format you like and that too at high speeds.

Plus, it supports an array of other tools as well to download files in both mp3 and video formats. It also displays the MP3 transformation method of DownVids. Besides, downloading and extracting sound from the video are the two most notable components.

You can access the tool to get video downloads from video spilling and sharing stage channels as well.

Learn More is an online video converter tool to allow users to access MP3 and MP4 files. Well, it is quite like YouTube Downloader but does offer a lot of extra features that make it a better option than the rest.

It works simple—copy-paste the URL at the given area, and pick the format you want for your video. Within seconds, your file will be ready to save and download. The key here is, it offers a long list of trending videos to convert and download with no limit at all.

It offers an easy-to-use interface and users can access their service from anywhere around the world. The core features include multiple format support, and a search box free for everyone.

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YouTube Multi Downloader

As the name suggests, YouTube Multi Downloader is an online website to download as many videos you want online, without using any video downloader or accelerator. It is an ideal choice for those who want to download YouTube videos without any download manager.

Just enter the YouTube video link into the website and get your download right away. One thing that sets it apart is its insanely fast downloading speed. Besides that, you can download the full playlist of YouTube videos as well. Downloading videos is simple and does not need much effort.

PS: YouTube Multi Downloader does not support video downloads for 480p format.

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Try out the best platform that downloads all your videos day in and day out. Be it your professional needs or your personal desires, these DetURL alternatives can be the best pick for you.

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