Luxury linen enhances your sleep experience. If you are searching for a way to make your slumber more comfortable, meaningful, and luxurious then thinking about your choice in bedding is the first place to start. After all, a supportive bedframe and a well-chosen mattress are all well and good, but they will be fairly useless if your bedding doesn’t match the high standard. So, when it comes to shopping for luxury linen, what should you be looking for?


Thread Count

Thread count is one of the most direct methods for establishing whether or not a brand has the luxury factor. The best number seems to be the duvet covers that advertise over a 400 thread count, which pretty much guarantees satisfaction when it comes to how the bedding feels when it’s put on the bed. Anything underneath this and you risk compromising the longevity and the way the linen stands the test of being washed and slept on.


What material is considered to be the most luxurious? Is it sateen or silk? Cotton or bamboo? Linen is created with a whole range of source materials. What you consider a luxury may be different for the next person, but there are a few that are renowned to hold a luxury status. There are two big contenders in this department, and that is cotton and silk. Silk is definitely a defined taste, and some consumers struggle with the way it feels on the skin. Cotton is the more common choice for bedding, and if you pay the right price, the quality is often exceptional. Look out for dupes and polycotton varieties because they will never match up to the high standard the alternative provides.

The Price

This is a smaller point, but one worth noting anyway. What you pay for a luxury bedding set is always going to be noticeably higher than a standard one. You could look at the big sales when they come about, but most of these will still come with a sizeable price tag from the good companies. This is a cost you just have to accept if you want to experience luxury material with the quality factor.

Customer Reviews

An informed decision can never take place until you have read and absorbed other people’s experiences of the product you’re exploring. Even if 95% of the reviews are positive, the 5% of consumers that had a negative experience are still worth listening to. As long as poor reviews are kept in context and deciphered for validity, they can be useful tools in determining whether or not a product can live up to the hype. Take the time to read through the good and the bad ones, and take everything into account to paint a clearer picture.

Luxury linen is undeniably a wonderful addition to any sleeping space, but what you buy has to be backed up by craftmanship, material choice, and general quality. It is likely that you will pay a premium for the pleasure of high-quality bedding so you want this investment to count. Do the research and never discredit the usefulness of customer experience.

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