San Diego Zoo Shares First Photos Of 2-Day-Old Baby Gorilla


Mama Kokomo and Papa Winston have welcomed a new baby gorilla into the world at the San Diego Zoo. And now we've got pictures of the baby!

Gorilla (CREDIT: NBC San Diego)

  The new gorilla doesn't have a name just yet. Zookeepers have also been unable to get too close to mama Kokomo or her new baby. The zoo is reporting that Kokomo is being very protective of her newborn, as she should be. The zoo has also warned visitors that it may be a while until they can see the baby with their own eyes. As it is, the baby is practically invisible in the protective arms of her beautiful mama.
Gorilla (CREDIT: NBC San Diego)

  Winston, the father, will not necessarily be directly involved in raising the new baby. Kokomo will handle most of the child-rearing. Winston will, however, defend and protect his troop of eight primates (three adult females, one adult male, two young males, one two-year-old female, and the newborn)¬†as per his man gorilla duties. Now that the science is out of the way, let's just all scream "Awwwww!" at once, okay? Look at that unnamed baby! Look at its wrinkly face! It looks like a baby old lady! Oh my Goddddd.
Gorilla (CREDIT: NBC San Diego)

  The zoo believes that the baby probably weighs between 3.5 and 4.5 pounds, though it may be months until Kokomo is willing to let it go to explore. While this is Kokomo and Winston's second baby, Kokomo has actually given birth six total times, including bringing twins into the world back in 1999 at the Oklahoma City Zoo. This is an exciting announcement, as female gorillas usually give birth only once every four or so years.¬†Congratulations, Kokomo! Hopefully the zoo doesn't allow the internet to name your new baby... it's far too cute to be called Gorilla McMonkeyface.
H/T: Bergorilla, NBC San Diego