Parents And Kids Are Ecstatic Over Ben & Jerry's Newest Flavors

Parents And Kids Are Ecstatic Over Ben & Jerry's Newest Flavors


No flavor is off limits at Ben & Jerry's.

Over the years, there's been a flood of unique flavors coming out of the Vermont-based ice cream lab. This time, those crazy ice cream scientists turned to breakfast as inspiration for three new creamy delights that will tingle your taste buds and transport you back to your childhood.

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Remember finishing your last bite of cereal and then relishing over your multi-colored, sugary milk at the end? Mmm, that red number five dyed low-fat milk was as delicious as your fruity pebbles, wasn't it?

Now, thanks to the wizards over at Ben & Jerry's, you can salivate over three new flavors inspired by your favorite cereals in ice cream form: "Fruit Loot," "Frozen Flakes," and "Cocoa Loco."

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Now, you can enjoy ice cream for breakfast. Brain freeze has nothing over a fleeting caffeine buzz!

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Cereal milk fans will look no further with these "Cereal Splashbacks," as they call it, to get their nostalgia fix.

1. Fruit Loot

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If you loved "Fruity Pebbles," "Fruit Loops" and other chemically-dyed rainbow delights, then "Fruit Loots" is the flavor for you. There's sure to be a swirl of crispy fruit flakes swirled into every bite.

2. Frozen Flakes

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For the connoisseur of the crunch, this one is the perfect combination of soft and creamy with the cornflake texture you love so much. And the temperature of the goopy delight will keep the power of the crunch intact instead of soaked like a sponge.

Find out what the third and final new flavor will have in store for you on the next page.

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