Your Body Never Actually Loses Fat Cells, Here's Why That's A Good Thing


I have struggled with my weight all my life and continue to do so today. For this reason, I've always been very focused on fat, its presence on my body, how it appeared and left as time passed.

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Just because I was focused on, nay, obsessed with, it, doesn't mean I did much in the way of studying or learning about it. No, I was just disgusted by its presence on me. I would avoid mirrors at my lower points. I learned to deal with it.

Imagine my dismay when I came across this video from the SciShow YouTube channel. Host Michael Aranda broke the news to me: fat cells never actually leave your body.

Even as you lose weight, and feel better about yourself, those fat cells are still there inside of you, lurking, waiting for their next opportunity to do their thing.

Source: YouTube

You see, fat cells are never eliminated. They never disappear. They just shrink.

They shrink and remain inside of your body. This upset me, until I learned that fat cells are actually pretty important for our bodies. They do a lot of good stuff!

The challenge in my life, and possibly in yours, is to keep these fat cells in check. And that's how people end up struggling with their weight all their lives. It's far harder to starve and shrink a fat cell than it is to nurse it back to full health and size.

Are you ready to learn a bit more about fat cells? Click play below.

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