Young Boy Buys Pony With Money He Made From Selling Lemonade


I want a pony! Okay, I don't really. But when I was a kid, I did! I'm not exactly sure why I wanted one. I think I was just imitating other kids I went to school with who wanted one.


  You know who really wanted a pony? 7-year-old Sabastian Kent of Australia. How am I so sure he wanted it so badly? Because he created a business, succeeded, made a significant profit, and then went out and bought a damn pony. Seven years old! I don't think I did anything productive or impressive until I turned 23 or so. And here's this little whippersnapper creating a lemonade business that netted him a profit of almost $3,000. He then made his equestrian fantasies a reality and purchased Tom. Tom is a 13-year-old schoolmaster pony. Which is apparently a thing! Does that mean he comes with a pair of wire-rimmed glasses and a disheveled suit? I know Tom will eat apples like a schoolmaster, but I think all horses eat that so it's not too funny.

  PurchasING Tom has changed the lives of Sabastian's entire family. Since acquiring the horse, the family has moved from their old house in the suburbs to a plot of land where Tom can live and graze and run around. Sabastian, meanwhile, cannot get enough of Tom. He said:
I've ridden him nearly 10 times in five days. I'm still learning but I can trot and walk as they're easy but cantering is hard.

Pony (CREDIT: Giphy)

  Keep at it, Sabastian! If you had the drive to get Tom, I imagine you'll become a professional rider within a year or so. And to all of you wannabe pony owners––Sabastian's story can be yours, too! He made the almost $3,000 by selling twenty-cent cups of lemonade. It took him three years. He saved that money in a damn jar. And now he owns a pony. So don't go around whining about how hard or pony-less your life is. Get it together, sell a lot of lemonade, fill a jar or ten, and you, too, will realize your dreams.
H/T: ABC, Facebook