Woman Searching For Boy Who Left $5 And Apology For Stealing On Her Door

Woman Searching For Boy Who Left $5 And Apology For Stealing On Her Door


A home theft made this woman very emotional.

But not for the usual reasons.

Lakewood, Washington, resident Chrissy Marie found $5 with a note of apology written by "Jake" for her missing wind chimes. Now she's searching for the perpetrator, not to scold him, but to return the $5.

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The note said:

I am sorry that we stole your windchime. Our mom died and liked butterflies so my sister took it to put by our window. I am sorry. This is only money I have. Please do not be mad at us.

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Chrissy wants to let Jake know she's not angry with him. His motive hit close to home for Chrissy since she lost her own mother when she was five years old.

She told Q13 news, "I wanted to cry because apparently he felt bad for what his sister did. And I think he might be scared. I'm not condoning the stealing part but he did try to do right for what his sister did, and I lost my mom at a young age so I know how hard it is."

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Chrissy moved to the area two months ago and had just hung up three of her butterfly wind chimes last week. She didn't even notice one of them was missing when she responded to a knock on her door and just saw the note of apology.

She posted on Facebook in an attempt to find the boy, saying, "Well Jake, I'm not sure who you are but you can come get your money back sweetie. I had 3 of those wind chimes." She also offered a second wind chime "so both of you have your own."

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Her post was shared 150 times, but so far there are no leads. She told HuffPost, "This story went a lot further than I expected. I just expected the local group I posted to and my friends and family to see the post. I just wanted to give this little boy his money back."

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