Woman Found Guilty Of Murder Thanks To Talking Parrot

Woman Found Guilty Of Murder Thanks To Talking Parrot


Glenna Duram was charged with shooting her husband five times before turning the gun on herself and attempting suicide. The attempt was unsuccessful and she faced a 10-day trial, during which prosecutors submitted a list of her medications to convince the jury she wasn't in her right mind when she committed the crime.

Prosecutors also tried to admit Bud's words as evidence, but the request was denied. Bud was not called to the stand, but it made little difference: Glenna was found guilty, and will be sentenced on August 28th. She faces life in prison.

Before the trial was decided, however, Martin's parents said they were sure the bird knew what was going on:

That bird picks up everything and anything, and it's got the filthiest mouth around.


Martin's mother, Lillian, is regretful it's come to this:

I feel hurt that both families had to go through this, ‘cause we both used to be close and go camping together.

Thankfully, Bud's new home with his previous owner (Martin's ex-wife) seems to be a little happier than his last situation. Hopefully, all the people involved can find some peace.

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