Woman Fact-Checks Donald Trump Tweet And Destroys Every Phrase

Woman Fact-Checks Donald Trump Tweet And Destroys Every Phrase


One week ago, news of a "terrorist attack" in France spread quickly throughout America. One such messenger of the news was none other than President Trump.

Source: Twitter

This ordeal occurred days before the ninth circuit court struck down Donald Trump's Muslim ban and he did not waste a moment to try and twist it to create additional support for his executive order.

There was only one problem: absolutely nothing that Donald Trump wrote on Twitter was true. None of it. And it took a young woman from France and a fact-check Facebook post to bring reality to the masses.

Source: Facebook

Facebook user Egie Wild wrote:

Dear Mr Trump,

thank you for your concern.

A man has indeed attacked a soldier with two machetes this morning in Paris.

It wasn't in the Louvre Museum, it was in the Carrousel du Louvre, which is a mall. (Less symbolic than what you're implying.)

He didn't attack any tourist (or french people -apart from the soldier- either, by the way, thank you again for your concern) and he was instantly attacked back by another soldier, and wounded.

Source: Time Out

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