White House Hiring Stumbles As They Scour Candidates' Social Media For Dissent

White House Hiring Stumbles As They Scour Candidates' Social Media For Dissent


Another leak has made its way out of the Trump administration. Ironically, this time, the leak has to do with how the White House is trying to prevent leaks.


Treasury Secretary and former Hollywood producer Steven Mnuchin is aggravated at massive hold-ups in his attempts to staff the Department of the Treasury. He has no shortage of people that he feels are good for the job.

The problem? Trump and his people disagree on this strongly.

What's the hold up? The Trump folks are demanding the social media passwords of all their applicants and tearing through their social media accounts to ensure that they have not been critical of Trump in the past.

There are many problems with this vetting approach.


According to the leak:

The White House’s reasons for the holdups vary, but questions about loyalty to Trump played a role in at least two cases, some of the people said.

Mnuchin’s pick for the Treasury’s top lawyer, Brent McIntosh, got an especially tough vetting by the White House personnel office after his Twitter feed was flagged as potentially critical of Trump.

This is obviously a recent rule that has been instated, since numerous folks inside the Trump administration were very critical of the President prior to coming on board with him during the election.

Folks like Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, and others all had very, very strong and negative words to say about Trump. Conway has referred to Trump in the past as "unpresidential" and "unfortunate for children." Rick Perry, another member of Trump's administration, once called the President a "cancer." Not on social media, but publicly on television and radio.

Not only is this process gumming up the works, it is also preventing many of Mnuchin's picks from having any chance of getting jobs in the department.


Mnuchin's picks have been pegged as having been too critical of Trump, or being "too Wall Street" and not outsider enough.

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