What Illegal Activities At Work Have You Witnessed?

What Illegal Activities At Work Have You Witnessed?

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Employees catch shady activity in the workplace and reveal all. Anonymously, of course.

Illegal activity (1/15)

I work construction. Sometimes we accidentally end up with tools (usually cheap things like extension cords, chains, chalk line, etc) which are clearly marked with a different company's name sent back to our shop. I've never seen it done intentionally, but our tool manager, rather than sending the tool back to the company it belongs to, will remove the other company's label and replace it with our's. It's theft, and I don't support it.

Also, we were on a job once which required ALL material be made in America. There was one small, very specialized widget which, if we used it, would save us a TON of time and effort, but this widget was only manufactured in Japan. The owner of our company had us remove the widgets from their packaging (which was labeled "Made in Japan") and ship them to site with no "Made in" label.


Illegal Activity (2/15)

Former waiter here.

One new years Eve I worked a graveyard shift at my restaurant. We were scheduled 3 waiters all night, which is usually more than we usually need. It being new years, we definitely need three.

I show up to work an hour early, expecting it to be busy, and it's dead. Great. Hence the for everyone to be there, I am the only server on time. Thirty minutes later, one shows up, drunk off her gourd. We call my manager, and she said as long as she's coherent (barely) she's good (she wasn't)

The second one shows up, and drives off. Didn't even get out of her car. Then the first chick walks out. We had to outsource from two different stores just to be staffed that night. The kicker, they bit still had their jobs after that. Restaurants will let you get by with almost anything to ensure that there are bodies running the place.


Illegal Activity (3/15)

Not sexy illegal, but would run afoul of SEC and other regulators:

I worked for a home builder in finance - this was in 2008 or so. I was told to budget the upcoming year for a division. I did so. Said it would lose $11m. Upper management said no, we can't show that. Our stock would tank. Try again. You can show a $1m loss. I redid the numbers. I got it down to a $7m loss. They said no, we will report a budgeted loss of $1m. Do it again. I said that's totally and completely unreasonable given everything I see. They said "$1m. Do it." I gave them what they wanted in the form of a completely fictional budget (I regret even doing that, we don't need to belabor that point) and then quit. Want to guess what happened in the division for that year? $11m loss. On the nose. Like I'd said. That company was shady as f*#k in so many ways, this was just the tip of the iceberg.


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