Wendy's Burned A Troll So Bad That He Left Twitter Forever


Wendy's Is Proving To Be The Most Savage Twitter Account We've Seen In a Long Time - And We Love It

Companies and celebs have been embracing their edgy sides on social media for a while now. Rihanna has an entire second career as a professional clapback Queen. Donald Trump's whole Twitter account is a chronicle of pettiness, the likes of which most people have never seen. Brands have been increasing in sassiness, and it's proving to be everything the people want.

One brand has risen to the top as the absolute champion of shady tweeting - Wendy's. Things started between Wendy's and one particular Twitter troll after Wendy's tweeted an innocent enough picture that the troll couldn't help but respond to:

All Wendy's wanted was to talk about beef. Clearly, Thuggy-D would rather start some beef.


So what was Wendy's to do in the face of such blatant beef-disrespect? In another time or another place, they'd probably have just let it go. But this was Twitter and everyone knows we've hit the era of N.F.G. (nope, that doesn't stand for New Found Glory. What ever happened to that band?) Wendy's did what most of us would do and hit Thuggy-D with a clapback. The resulting conversation is the stuff of legend:

They tried being nice... it didn't work


At this point, if you're Thuggy-D you, just... stop, right? You've been owned. You take your L like an adult and you slink back to your little troll lair and lick your wounds. You live to troll another day. Stopping is really the only smart move to make here.

Thuggy-D made a slightly different choice.


And thusly ended the trolling career of Thuggy-D, username NHride, who evidently was not quite as thuggy as they thought themselves to be. Turns out the pigtailed ginger was the real thug here. Wendy's managed to drag Thuggy-D so hard that they dragged that troll right out of the twitterverse.



But wait... there's more!

Sometimes when you unleash the beast, you unintentionally set it free to get beastly on unintended victims. Wendy's followed up the destruction of Thuggy-D by savagely roasting people all over the place:



This one's like a roast-one-get-one-free special. Wendy's takes a shot at Soulja Boy and the user!

We Approve.


Like a true master, they're not above laughing at themselves and that's why people are loving them right now.

OK, yeah, this was cringeworthy


H/T: Twitter, Buzzfeed, ScaryMommy