Weird (But Honestly...Brilliant) Websites To Cure Your Boredom

Weird (But Honestly...Brilliant) Websites To Cure Your Boredom

  Have you already finished reading through everything on The Daily Buzz? Caught up on the breaking news? Scrolled through your Facebook newsfeed and refreshed once? Twice? Does nothing seem to help that nagging feeling of boredom? Well, before you give up on the internet and turn towards other forms of entertainment (like the great outdoors or human contact) you have to check out these websites. I have no idea why most of these exist other than to remind us that the world is an awesome place. Have fun, kids. (But also go outside and say hello to someone).

1. Mitoza

Just when you think the internet won't surprise you anymore, there's Mitoza. This fun and quirky site will keep you guessing what will ensue with each click. Brilliant Websites  

2. The Secret Door

Step through this door to be taken to a completely new and unexpected place. Our world is pretty magical (and the background music doesn't hurt!). Brilliant Websites  

3. The Nicest Place On The Internet 

Having a bad day? Sometimes we just need a hug. There is something about this project that I bet will make you feel better. And if you're feeling extra warm and fuzzy, your hug can be a part of it all. Brilliant Websites  

4. Radiooooo

Pick a decade and place, and this site will play music that was popular in that area during that time. It's like a music time machine! Brilliant Websites  

5. Corgi Orgy

I can't stop laughing...or I'm messaging this to all my I'm life is awesome! Brilliant Websites    

6. GeoGuessr

This fascinating game drops you in random locations around the world, and you have to guess where you are. The closer you get, the more points you win. Brilliant Websites  

7. WTF Should I Make For Dinner

This blunt website tells you exactly what you should make and how you should make it. You can even choose a vegetarian option. Brilliant Websites  

8. Breathe

A good reminder for us all. This is absolutely perfect for a constructive break from the mid-work-day stress. (As you can see I needed a whole 52 minutes of this.) Brilliant Websites  

9. Learn To Type Correctly

A site for all the technologically challenged members of our digital society out there! Let's teach Grandpa to type with all ten fingers. This could be the beginning of getting those crazy stories from back in the day onto the next viral Tumbler account. Brilliant Websites  

10. Fact O'Clock

Learn a new fact every minute! Brilliant Websites    

11. How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

This thought provoking site shows you many people are in outer space, who they are, and how long they've been floating around up there. Brilliant Websites  

12. BeFunky

Bring some artistic flare to your photos with this unique image editing site. Spice up that plain ol' profile pic! Brilliant Websites  

13. Rain

If you like Piña'll like this site. You'll probably like it even if you don't like Piña Coladas. Brilliant Websites  

14. Toonator

Create simple (and I mean simple) cartoons. I don't know why I need this, but I need this. Here is a preview of my latest work... Brilliant Websites  

15. Wikipedia: Unusual Articles

Wikipedia just got more awesome. They keep a list of articles that are considered to be "unusual". There is some fascinating stuff here! Brilliant Websites  

16. Museum of Endangered Sounds

This site is dedicated to preserving the sounds of technology that have come and passed. This brings me back to my dial-up AOL days! Brilliant Websites  

17. Live Plasma

Search music, books, and movies to find other options you might like. This is the perfect tool for those of us prone to scrolling through Netflix for hours on end. Brilliant Websites  

18. Texter

A perfect mix of drawing and writing. I see a pretty awesome personalized gift coming for next Christmas... Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.06.29 PM  

19. The Finger

You never know when you are going to need to send someone a friendly little digital gesture. Brilliant Websites  

20. Garmoshka

Now YOU can play the accordion too! Just resize your browser back and forth (I've heard it's just as easy to play a real one!). Brilliant Websites    

21. Stars

Learn more about our mind-blowing universe by taking a virtual tour of the stars. This site can also double as a reminder to keep things in perspective. (We are really small you guys). Brilliant Websites  

22. Roadtrippers

Plan your next road trip with the help of this decked out website. Find hotels, attractions, natural wonders, and "weird stuff". Our world has so many cool things to see and do! Brilliant Websites  

23. Map Art

Turn your favorite spot into a watercolor piece of art. You can save the image, or you can shop the products that can be created from your map. You thought this list was just to keep you entertained, but we are also going to nail personalized gifts this year! Brilliant Websites  

24. Tone Matrix

Compose an electric little tune in this easy to use program. It's oddly therapeutic. Brilliant Websites  

25. The Useless Web

And finally: a useless website to take you to other useless websites! They may be useless, but they are amazingly entertaining. Brilliant Websites   H/T Brightside, Inktank, Inspiration Feed, Thought Catalogue  

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