Watch This Goldfish Drive Its Tank Across The Room

Watch This Goldfish Drive Its Tank Across The Room


Goldfish aren't the kind of pet that most people think of as having a super exciting life. There isn't really a whole lot for them to do aside from swim around their tank. Since that rarely changes, goldfish life doesn't exactly seem like it's a thrill a minute.

Contrary To What Cartoons Taught Us, Goldfish Are Not Secretly Fairies.

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Have you ever wondered what goldfish would do if they could move about freely? Aside from world domination, that is? Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University apparently did.

Unlike those of us who might just wonder, engineers plan, build and execute. That's how we ended up with this fish capable of moving freely over land:

We At The Daily Buzz Welcome Our New Scaly Overlords. Blub Blub.


What you're looking at is a regular fish tank that's been mounted to a mobile robot. The robot watches where the fish swims in the tank and drives around accordingly. Fish goes left? Robot goes left. Fish goes right? Robot goes right. Fish makes a break for the door to exact revenge upon mankind? Well, you get the idea.

Hit Play To Watch The Fish Freerange Around The Room.


We don't know if there are plans for another Finding Nemo movie, but this could be great for a new film. Imagine a gritty re-boot where Nemo, Marlin, Dory and cast all live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and must drive tanks across the vast desert that was once the ocean floor. It could all be very Mad Max.

Mad Marlin: Beyond The Dropoff
We Warned You Not To Touch The Butt

There's real potential there. Just sayin'

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