Have You Updated Your iPhone Yet? Do It As Soon As You Can

Have You Updated Your iPhone Yet? Do It As Soon As You Can


Have you updated your iPhone's system software recently? Because you're going to want to go ahead and do it as soon as possible.

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  The latest iPhone system update is most likely silently sitting there on your phone right now. It was sitting on mine. I am an OCD type. When I see that something needs updating, I usually do it rather quickly. But those system software updates are not as easy to spot. I can go for weeks without realizing that it's time for an upgrade. I'll repeat: you'll want to make this update soon.
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  The update in question will address a problematic weak spot in your iPhone that experts only discovered very recently. It is, as the company calls it, an important security update. The weakness in question can lead to   breaking directly through your iPhone's seemingly impenetrable defenses. This active malware threat can be leveraged by hackers to track you in different ways. They will be able to record your phone conversations, read your text messages and email, use your camera and microphone at will, track you via your GPS, and even read messages in apps like WhatsApp and Viber. The malware has been named "Trident," which sounds deceptively cool, and is used in a spyware program called "Pegasus." Someone should consider renaming these things. Scary stuff! Fortunately, all you have to do is trigger a system update, and you should be okay.
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  Just click on the Settings app on your iPhone and head over to Software Update in General. Make sure you have a wifi connection. It also wouldn't hurt if you had your phone plugged into a power source. The update will download and install and restart your iPhone. You can then rest easy until malicious international hackers find another way to break into your phone to monitor your activities.
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  Isn't life grand?! Never a dull moment when it comes to owning technology, amirite? Update your iPhones soon, people. As soon as you can. Godspeed.
H/T: CNET, Lookout

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