Watch This Uber Driver Cruise Through 240 NYC Green Lights Without Stopping

Watch This Uber Driver Cruise Through 240 NYC Green Lights Without Stopping


It took 27 minutes until a red light finally stopped this Uber driver's lucky streak.

How do you coast for nearly half an hour, without stopping, through a chaotic metropolis like New York City? Ask Uber driver, Noah Forman.

He drove through a succession of 240 green lights before a red light stopped his streak.

With an unceremonious flair, he said:

It seems like you go with where the lights take you. The minute I think too hard and I veer off courseā€¦ I just get hit with a red light somewhere.

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On December 6, Forman must've known, before getting behind the wheel, that the night was going to be a exciting one.

Every now and then, I feel lucky and I give it an attempt, but this night I could tell right from the beginning it looked good.

Before heralding him as a ninja-like, street surfer of Gotham, it's important to mention that his smooth trek wasn't entirely impossible. The feat occurred at 3:37 am - a time when traffic is usually non-existent in Manhattan.

Still, there were obstacles involving driving down Fifth Avenue during a busy season for tourists, and getting around multiple cement road blocks set up around Trump Tower.

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His last triumph chasing green lights was when he was a NYC cab driver. He coasted through, a still impressive, 186 green lights. And he was determined not to stop there.

For his recent feat as an Uber driver, Forman put pedal to the metal starting from Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem, and taking Fifth Ave. all the way down to Washington Square Park.

With no red light crimping his style, he continued back up North along Sixth Ave. to 59th St., then crosstown to Second Ave., and drove south until reaching Rivington St.

It was finally "game over" when a red light snuffed out his glorious streak at Bowery and Prince St.

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The achievement was recorded as proof, but some are skeptical of the video's contents.

A spokeswoman from the Department of Transportation, Gloria Chin, couldn't verify if the footage was manipulated or not:

We are unsure of its accuracy.

In the sped-up video, it shows Forman adjusting his speed accordingly by slowing down and taking multiple turns to evade the inevitable red light.

However, watching the video at face value is exhilarating, regardless of its authenticity. Seeing the streaks of blurred lights and holiday decorations is like watching an artist paint in frantic brush strokes, not knowing how the final picture will turn out.


Maybe that's because there is no end to this particular artwork. Forman is not finished and is unwilling to rest on his laurels. He's determined to best his record by double.

I would love to take it further. Not any time soon. Maybe in a year or two, see if I could get 500.

I hope that after an exhausting night of whatever, I get to climb into the backseat of Forman's car when he's feeling lucky, for my straight shot home.

Enjoy Forman's recorded green-lit odyssey in hyper-speed below. Hold on tight!

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