These Two Gay Penguins Show Love Is Eternal; The Berlin Zoo Agreed

These Two Gay Penguins Show Love Is Eternal; The Berlin Zoo Agreed


This is a match made in penguin heaven.

Stan and Olli love each other. So much, in fact, that the two king penguins were dropped from a breeding program after expressing more interest in mating with each other than with their female buddies. We can't blame them. Look at what an attractive couple they make!
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It's their cute little tuxedos, I tell you. Who doesn't love a penguin in a tuxedo? It's enough to drive Tom Ford out of business.
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When not ignoring the aforementioned Tom Ford's call for their secret, they stun visitors to the zoo with the depth of their love. Stan and Olli were originally brought to the Berlin Zoo as part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) to procreate to ensure the survival of their species. But they soon upended the EEP when they fell for each other, instead. Berlin Zoo spokeswoman Christiane Reiss was rather matter-of-fact in her statement.
They're gay, as far as we know. They never procreated. And when it came to mating, they only mated with each other.
Their love earned them special accommodations. Stan and Olli will be renamed Kalle and Grobi respectively and will make their new home at Tierpark Hagenbeck, a zoo in the city of Hamburg. There they will no longer be expected to reproduce; the zoo only houses male king penguins. It's sure to be a lovely place. There they can laugh at this polar bear for being housed in a separate enclosure.
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    Even better for Stan and Olli, um, Kalle and Grobi... they'll be able to make new friends! Since the Hamburg zoo only houses male king penguins; they'll be able to hang out with Juan and Carlos, another gay penguin couple.
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Stan and Olli bring to mind Roy and Silo, two chinstrap penguins at the Central Park Zoo who gained a cult following (and a lot of hatred from other sources) immortalized in the children's book And Tango Makes Three, which detailed the six years of their lives when they were given an egg to raise.
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Adults have objected to children reading the book. Homosexuality in animals is a controversial topic for many social conservatives, who believe accepting the natural expression of homosexuality in the animal kingdom places us humans in mortal peril. The book ignited numerous censorship and culture war debates on such topics as same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption. If your love pisses an entirely different species off, you're probably doing something right. Which of course means you should totally go buy it now. Like right now.
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