Twitter User Points Out Absurdity Of Trump's Lawyer's Claims In Viral Tweet

Twitter User Points Out Absurdity Of Trump's Lawyer's Claims In Viral Tweet


It's been quite a week for President Donald J. Trump. He lit his first White House Christmas tree, his tax plan made progress and his former Secretary of Defense, Michael Flynn, flipped on him and brought us all a step closer to Russian collusion in the 2016 election. 


Trump is so attached to his Twitter it's more than another appendage. It's his lifeline. And he tweets at the drop of a hat, or bomb, proudly. 

So it was peculiar when recently his lawyer, John Dowd admitted to sending tweets under the Trump facade.

Or so he says!!


President Donald Trump's  lawyer took personal responsibility for a tweet that was sent by the Trump handle, in which the president claimed that he knew his former security adviser, Michael Flynn, had lied to the FBI before he dismissed Flynn.

The tweet caused insanity on a National level in because it suggests Trump knew Flynn had committed a felony — lying to the FBI — when he instructed James Comey to go easy on Flynn the day after the firing.


Trump claims her never made such a post, and his lawyer backs him by admitting he did. In Trump's name. 

Law Abiding Citizen/YouTube

One particular Twitter user took the opportunity to shine light on the unlikeliness of the idea that anyone could confiscate the President's Twitter from him .

The excuse that "my lawyer did it," isn't going to fly! 

The dog ate my homework! My lawyer did it! No matter who authored the post Twitter let them have it.


So John Dowd has been our acting President this whole time?!!


Yay, we're not buying it either. Tic-tock, Robert Meuller is knocking.

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