Twitter Schools Mike Pence For Honoring White Man For Black History Month


The Trump administration is getting a reputation for not recognizing the right people in their honor.

Last week, the White House released a statement for Remembrance Day failing to mention the Jewish people as the victims of the holocaust.

For Black History Month, Vice President Mike Pence gave a Twitter-shout out to Abraham Lincoln, a white man, for ending slavery.

Because a subtle reminder about slavery was better than praising the contributions from any accomplished black person.

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Things didn't start off smoothly. Yesterday, President Donald Trump gave a speech in honor of Black History Month that quickly turned into topics relating to the election, and the false assertion that he won a significant amount of votes from black people.

From there, he mentioned that Frederick Douglass was, "Somebody who's done an amazing job that is being recognized more and more, I notice," a statement which led many to question if the president had any clue as to who Douglass was.


Pence's tweet didn't sit well with many Twitter users, and they decided to remind the new Vice President about the accomplishments of black people in honor of Black History Month.

Let the sarcasm and history lessons begin.


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