Here Are All The Plot Holes In Home Alone You May Have Missed

Here Are All The Plot Holes In Home Alone You May Have Missed


'Home Alone' tweets are taking the holiday season by storm.

There are always some holiday movies that don't quite fit the bill. Like 'Sound of Music.' The Christmas spirit isn't exactly embodied in the Nazi take over of Austria or a nun leaving the sisterhood for a man and his seven children. But it's a Christmas classic that graces our TV screens once a year.

'Home Alone' falls into this category, too. There isn't a lot of holiday sentiment in a movie about a little kid who is forgotten by his parents. Although we can always count on Twitter for a good laugh.

During a recent TV showing of 'Home Alone,' Twitter users gave their unabashed opinions of the 1990s movie giving their followers a good laugh and a hilarious reason to tune into to this Christmas-ish movie.

Some just don't understand how adulthood works in the 'Home Alone' universe.

Somehow the movie just wouldn't work in 2016.

There seem to be some cultural differences the writers failed to address.

Apparently parental respect went out the window when they forgot Kevin at home.

I don't know about you, but 911 was one of the first phone numbers I learned.

Kevin has some self-confidence issues to address in the coming sequels.

Kevin does not have all of his priorities straight.

The all too relatable moment that reaches across decades.

Hey, VCRs were pretty big back in the day.

Whether you're tuning in to 'Home Alone,' 'The Sound of Music,' or another Christmas classic, let's all just remember to take our kids on vacation and to lock the doors behind us.

Happy Holidays!

H/T: Mashable, Buzzfeed

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