Trump Supporters Reveal What They Feel Others Don't Understand About Their Perspective

Trump Supporters Reveal What They Feel Others Don't Understand About Their Perspective



Here they are, and they're willing to speak candidly.

TRUMP (1/9)

  1. This idea that suddenly the country has become more intolerant. If the same people who voted for Obama voted for Trump instead of another white person, now they are racist? Like what? And that Trump is anti-semetic? Meanwhile his presidency is historic with the first Jewish first family member. I do concede he is sexist, but not any more than Bill Clinton.
  2. There are a lot of Trump supporters who consider themselves liberal (myself included) who feel that Democrats have gone crazy. Imo progressivism has poisoned itself by defending Islam. Why allow immigration of people with intolerant views against gays and women?
  3. The idea that Trump is an idiot. Feel free to hate him, but he came with no experience and beat the Republican establishment in the primaries, and won the general despite endless scandals and negative media. He is very good at what he does.

TRUMP (2/9)

I was raised in rural America. Now I live in one of the largest urban hubs in the southeast. I've gotten enough dosages of political opinions and observations from both sides to understand where essentially everyone is coming from. I've concluded my own beliefs as not necessarily conservative, but moreso not-liberal.

From my hometown, there was work-ethic and reasonability. Most people were poor, but no one gave up. Everyone was constantly seeking for a better job. And everyone would willingly give their neighbor the shirt off their back. Or a place to stay if they lost their home. No one was racist (except a few of the REALLY old people that are probably dead now. And everyone disapproved of their behavior). Right before I left, the largest job-supplier in town, some factory, closed and it was awful. Several of my friends had to drop out of school and scramble for jobs to support their families. Their futures were shot. Because this company realized they could manufacture cheaper in Mexico.

Now that I live in a dense city, particularly on a college campus, I see passionate ignorance. That's actually the best way I can describe liberalism. All of these loud college students have these "let's help everyone in the world with our limitless supply of resources and money" ideas, but they have no idea on logistics. Of course it's easy to say "let's help everyone" only after you don't have to worry about helping yourself. But how would they know? They were born with silver spoons in their mouths. Not to mention that anytime I want to have a decent discussion about politics, my peers get heated IMMEDIATELY because they see I am not part of the circle jerk. It's repulsing of them and their blind beliefs.

No, I do not approve of the KKK, neo-nazis, anything racist Trump has said, etc. But I do approve of him wanting to bring labor-related jobs back to America. And I approve of him wanting to focus on improving America as opposed to helping everyone else. No, America does not have the responsibility of taking care of every other nation in the world. If we did, they would be additional states, not separate nations. It's also entertaining to watch the reactions of my peers when his name is mentioned.


TRUMP (3/9)

Actual full-blooded Trump supporter here. Not a disaffected BernieBro, not a lesser of two evils, not an anti-Hillary supporter, but a Trump is the best modern politician since Ron Paul retired supporter.

Here's three things the left misses:

1) The election was primarily about one issue: Is America a sovereign nation or are Americans citizens of the world in thrall to the globalist elite?

That was what the election was about.

On the one hand you had Trump, who stood alone in advocating that America should:

  • Control her own borders
  • Determine who is allowed in America
  • Determine her economic policy for her own benefit
  • Determine her foreign policy for American priorities
  • Avoid unnecessary war
  • Not restart the Cold War
  • End off-shoring
  • Rebuild American industry
  • Audit the federal reserve and reduce its power

Opposed to Trump were absolutely everybody: big business, corporate media, neocons, neoliberals, the global elite, etc. variously arguing that:

  • Controlling borders is racist
  • Controlling citizenship and residency is racist
  • We should escalate conflict with Russia
  • Americans should be happy to lose their jobs and industry to foreigners
  • Americans should suffer lower wages for corporate profits and consumerism
  • More military involvement in the Middle East

So the choice was simple: America is American; Americans are not interchangeable economic units subservient to the globalists.

What I don't understand is the left. For decades they've been railing against war, corporate power, globalism, free trade at the expense of workers, bankers, off-shoring, etc.

Trump is the first candidate in ages who legitimately stood against all of this. Yet they hated him with a blinding, irrational passion.

2) Social justice totalitarianism.

In this case, this is completely a leftist own goal. With Obama being elected twice and demographics going the way they were, the right was feeling defeated; there was an overwhelming sense the left had won permanently and we were beaten. The culture war was over.(See the Benedict Option).

Had the left recognized their victory and been magmanious, we'd probably have President Clinton right now. But the left weren't content to win; they decided to be as ruthless and totalitarian as possible in every area.

They destroyed small businesses for not wanting to be involved in gay "marriages". They brought the Sisters of the Poor and various other Catholics to court to force them to buy birth control. Leftists have no idea how much impact these attacks had on the religious and conservatives in general. We couldn't peacefully surrender because the left was not taking prisoners.

The constant talk of white privilege and ending whiteness; combined with the left's tacit approval of violence by BLM and the seeming approval of blacks attacking cops.

The college rape panic and the insane kangaroo courts and regulations resulting from it has frightened a lot of young men and mothers of sons.

Also up was Gamergate (and other related intrusions into popular culture). The left decided to do a full court press against gamers because they like attractive women in games. I can not count the number of formerly liberal or apathetic gamers who became right-wing from this. It's probably the best recruiting tool the right has had in ages.

Those are just a few examples of the left's overriding totalitarian need to force their way everywhere. This frightened, mobilized, and made enemies of a lot of people, who may otherwise have given up or been apathetic.

The left literally turned victory into Trump.

3/ Relatedly is tribalism. In their unmerciful victory, the left has resurrected white tribalism.

Whites have not voted tribally as a race in decades and males have not voted based on their sexual identity ever; they've voted against other whites based on religion, ideology, culture, and geography.

But with BLM violence, all the white/male privilege talk, identity politics, all the extreme feminism, and so on, whites are beginning to identify as white and males are beginning to think politically as males in reaction. Whites and males are looking at their whiteness and their maleness left has demanded but they are not hating themselves like the left wanted. The left is literally building white male identity. It's still only vague and half-formed, but if the leftists don't ease up on the identity politics; you won't have civic nationalists like Trump and Bannon in 2024, you'll have a literal white nationalists.

Finally, I'll add #4. It's relatively minor but interesting thing most people missed: Twitter.

Twitter is/was the most popular platform for cultural elites to chat. Right-wing trolls (many recent converts due to gamergate) took to Twitter to troll these elites. These was a very small group; a few thousand at most. but due to the nature of social media, the cultural elites blew it way out of proportion. You had Hillary literally make a national speech on Pepe to the bewilderment of almost everybody. They started conflating all Trump supporters with the trolls and the cultural elites literally handed them way more influence and power than they could possibly have had otherwise.


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