Trump's Former Bodyguard Admits Bizarre Food Request His Boss Made Of White House Staff

Trump's Former Bodyguard Admits Bizarre Food Request His Boss Made Of White House Staff


Living in the White House affords it's tenants many luxuries, including a cooking staff who can whip up any cuisine that is desired. Literally anything! 

So it's humorous to learn that the current tenant, President Donald Trump has requested the staff be able to make McDonald's hamburgers whenever necessary. 


This update comes from Donald Trump's former bodyguard, Keith Schiller who served as President Trump's Director of Oval Office Operations until this past September.

The former staff member has been called to testify before Congress regarding a visit Trump made to Russia in 2013 for a Miss Universe pageant.

He appeared before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, in which he reportedly denied the claims made against Donald Trump.

One of the most interesting revelations came before Schiller even had a chance to testify - the fact that the President requires McDonald's food to be made for him at any given moment.


According to reports, the kitchen staff were asked to recreate the famous quarter pounders, and also the McDonald's dessert option of apple pie.

Schiller stated that he was the aide sent to fetch some McDonald's for the Commander in Chief when, once in awhile, the White House kitchen was unable to properly replicate the desired order.

This was quite the fodder for the masses. 

Now '45 has claimed he is fit as a fiddle but, this is certainly not the healthiest diet. However this seems to have been a trend for the Donald.

Eat what you want, it's just curious to choose McDonald's over EVERY other option in the world; like actual, unprocessed meats. 

To each there own! 

#Ronald & Donald forever!!


H/T : indy100, Twitter

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