Trump's Chief Of Staff's Private Phone Has Been Compromised--That's Not Good

Trump's Chief Of Staff's Private Phone Has Been Compromised--That's Not Good


U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Flickr 

It has been reported that White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly’s phone has been compromised, while he was Secretary of Homeland Security which could involve a security breach that reaches as far back as December. 

Politico first reported on Thursday that the current Chief of Staff to President Donald Trump brought his phone to White House tech support this past summer for operational issues.

The staff discovered a suspectedopera breach on the phone that has raised concerns that hackers may have been able to access the data on Kelly’s phone.

However there is no definitive proof that the device was indeed hacked but the incident raises several concerning red flags. 

It is believed by White House officials that there could be a strong possibility foreign governments may have compromised the device. 

The White has responded saying that, Kelly’s phone stopped working last year and that he has since stopped using it, although officials did not specify when use of the device ended. 

Is this not Red Flag #1? 


They have said Kelly didn’t "routinely" use his personal phone, and relied primarily on a government-issued one, and has since switched to a new personal device.

Well that should make America feel more secure.


This seems to be a running issue for this administration as Mr. Kelly is one of several high security members who have been exposed for using private email servers and devices that has left the Nation's security vulnerable. 

This entire situation has also sparked debate regarding one of the major points of contention for the 2016 election. Mr. Trump, his campaign and supporters ferociously went after Secretary Clinton over her actions regarding this topic. 


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