Truly Disturbing Facts About Serial Killers

Truly Disturbing Facts About Serial Killers


H.H. Holmes profited by selling skeletons to medical schools. Hand-picked stock, of course.

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Ted Bundy used to work at a suicide hotline. To encourage potential victims? Who knows.

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Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. - "The Nightstalker," chose the home of his victims randomly by finding an unlocked door or window. He sees you when you're sleeping.

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Ed Kemper narrated books on tape for the blind in the 80s. He won two awards for being in charge of a program benefiting the vision-impaired while in prison. 

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When Henry Lee Lucas chose not to join killing partner Ottis Toole in eating their victims drenched in BBQ sauce, Lucas told told police it was because he didn't like BBQ sauce.

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Richard Chase liked devouring small animals raw. He also preferred blending critters and his victims with coca-cola for a smoothie.

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Based on some of these hideous profiles, we can only drawn one conclusion: The link between murder and diet is a deadly one. Could you stomach that?

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