Tim Tebow Helps In Medical Emergency on Delta Airline Flight

Tim Tebow Helps In Medical Emergency on Delta Airline Flight


Tim Tebow decided to lend a prayer and some much-needed help during a medical emergency on a flight back from Orlando this weekend.

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The job of a quarterback is to take care of his team and call the shots before the play. It seems that some quarterbacks, though, just can't stop working when they're off the field. Tim Tebow is one of them.
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Tim Tebow, former Broncos and New England Patriots quarterback, was on a Delta airline flight to Phoenix when a man started to have a medical emergency.
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According to a Facebook post by Richard V Gotti, the man in question began to have chest and heart problems mid flight, falling unconscious. When this happened,   several passengers sprung into action, one of them being Mr. Tebow himself.
“The crew of Delta Airlines were amazing. They acted in a fast and professional manner! Then all of a sudden, I observed a guy walking down the aisle. That guy was Tim Tebow. He met with the family as they cried on his shoulder! I watched Tim pray with the entire section of the plane for this man. He made a stand for God in a difficult situation,” Gotti reported.
Reports state Tebow himself left his first class compartment to help out however he could. Thanks to Tebow's aid, the man was found to have a pulse. But Tebow's heroism didn't stop there. He helped get the family all the way to the hospital from the airport.

Unfortunately, according to People Magazine, the man later died in the hospital.
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Tebow is a former quarterback for the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, New York Jets, and Philadelphia Eagles. He was on the plane back to Phoenix after visiting a former high school classmate who sustained injuries as a result of the recent Orlando shooting. Tebow was also hired in 2013 by ESPN to be college football analyst on the SEC Network. h/t: WCNC, Instagram, Fox News, CBS Sports, YouTube, NFL

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