This Washington Post Cover Has A Really, Really Big Mistake On It


We in the press (yes I am including myself in the press) make mistakes from time to time. We are human! Humans are not always flawless and perfect, okay? Sometimes, something gets past us.

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But yesterday's error by The Washington Post and their Express imprint is a little bit more dramatic, noticeable, problematic and, dare I say, ironic, than a standard journalistic booboo.

No, this is the equivalent of a Got Milk billboard on the highway, but you wrote Forget Milk instead. Or there's a photo of a glass of orange juice on the billboard. Or something like that.

Yesterday, the Washington Post's Express paper featured the upcoming Washington woman's rally. The headline, "The Modest Start Of A Massive March" was placed in the center of a gender symbol that was comprised of teeny, tiny women.

There was only one problem, though...

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Do you notice what's wrong there? I'll let you take a second. Because, at first, I went blind with shock and couldn't process it, either. Yup! That's a cover feature about the upcoming anti-Trump gathering of over a hundred thousand women... in the shape of the male gender symbol.

Needless to say, the internet has been having some reactions.

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These reactions have been ranging from sympathetic to upset to even slightly cynical and humorous.

For what it's worth, WaPo Express made a full throated apology, and issued a "correction" of sorts.

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Apologies are good, sure. And we all move on with our lives, yes. And I'm sure that this is just a little mental note that women around the country are making in their heads: even when someone is being sympathetic towards them, that person still doesn't understand, and probably hasn't even taken a moment to research them or what they're doing.

My questions, however, remain: how many people did this get through? How many men were so sure that they were using the right symbol? Who commissioned the work, and who did it? Did nobody Google?

As far as mistakes, errors, and typos in journalism go... this is probably one of the largest ones in history.

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