This New Year's Eve Television Countdown Was Rather Awkward


My mom always told me that what you spend your New Year's Eve doing, you will do for the rest of that year. If that's the case, I feel bad for the crew and talent of this Australian TV show.

Source: YouTube

The Loop is apparently an entertainment show in Australia. Their idea for how they would ring in 2018 probably seemed really smart in the writers' room.

They would bring in a group of contest winners and let them do a LIVE countdown right there on TV! Imagine the excitement of these folks. The energy would be through the roof! Screaming! Streamers! Haaaaaappy New Yeeeeeear!

Except, well... not so much?

Source: YouTube

Well, there were some streamers, at least. But, as far as energy and enthusiasm are concerned? None to be had at this particular New Year's Eve party.

The group of people sort of trudged onto the set. Very quietly. The countdown commenced and... they didn't even count? That dude in the glasses sort of pathetically shook his little pompoms--that must count for something, right?

I don't have any idea what happened here. Some folks on the internet are crying foul and saying this was some sort of intentional troll. That The Loop did this on purpose for the lulz and the views.

I'm really not sure. And my brain is working overtime trying to explain how this moment came to be.

Click below to bask in the awkwardness along with me!

Source: YouTube