This Is Why Vanellope From Wreck-It Ralph Will Never Be A Disney Princess

This Is Why Vanellope From Wreck-It Ralph Will Never Be A Disney Princess


Words cannot describe how much I loved Disney's 'Wreck-It Ralph.' As a video game-loving guy who also loves Disney, I was in absolute heaven when this movie came out.

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The fact that Pixar's resident heart and brains, John Lasseter, was tinkering behind the scenes of this song-free Disney cartoon only further sealed the deal. The tale of Ralph and his rocky friendship with Vanellope von Schweetz as they jump from arcade to arcade had me squealing with glee from the opening moment to the final credits.

But, many have questioned, why isn't Vanellope a Disney princess? She is a princess, right? It's in her code! And she seems to do all the things that a Disney princess must do in order to be accepted into the club.

What's going on?

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Vanellope is not alone when it comes to the mystery that surrounds why she is not a part of the VIP Disney princess tribe. There are numerous ladies who have walked their way through Disney features, and yet been snubbed when the time came around to hand out membership cards.

Why!? Whyyyyyyy!?

Well, thanks to YouTube user SuperCarlinBrothers, we now have a sensible explanation, and a lot of thought, in regards to why von Schweetz did not make the cut.

If you've always wondered, here's your answer. And if you've never wondered, you should watch it any way, and get yourself an education.

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