This Is Why Frozen's Elsa And Anna Will Never Be Disney Princesses

This Is Why Frozen's Elsa And Anna Will Never Be Disney Princesses


I've been living a lie since 2013. Chances are that you have been, too. Especially if you believed that either Frozen's Elsa or Anna were official Disney princesses.

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You know who else has been living this lie all this time? The host of the popular YouTube channel SuperCarlinBrothers.

Just last week he explained to me why Vanellope of Disney's Wreck-It Ralph will never be a princess, much to my dismay. And then, this week, he had to issue an apology and a retraction.

All this time, he had assumed that the Frozen sisters were Disney Princesses. And who wouldn't!? It just made sense, no? They fit all of the requirements that an official Disney princess must meet. They're super popular. They make tons of money for the mouse house.

So, what the hell is going on!?

Source: YouTube

At the start of his video, the host explains all the reasons why Elsa and Anna very much should be Disney princesses. He makes his case and it is inarguable.

But then he breaks out the numbers. The numbers show that Elsa and Anna make up the lion's share of Disney's merchandising profits. They're the most profitable Disney movie in history. They're also in the top 10 list of most profitable movies of all time.

Source: YouTube

So... what's happening? Why are Anna and Elsa getting the Disney princess shaft?

Get this: it's because they are too profitable! Yes! Because Disney can make a lot more money with the Frozen ladies as their own separate entity, the powers that be decided that they would be excluded from the official Disney princess designation.

That doesn't seem very fair! Can't they give them the designation and sell them separately? These rules are absurd.

Well, maybe in the future, if sales ever go down, they'll be belatedly coronated. Maybe.

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